5 Best Sushi Rice Cookers To Cook A Perfect Sushi Rice

Sushi is a special and delectable dish made with short-grain rice and rolled with fish, and other desired ingredients; sushi has been around for ages and over the years, sushi has metamorphosed into a renowned global delicacy.

Making sushi does not have to be stressful, which is why, I will reveal the best sushi rice cookers, that will automate the whole process of making sushi.

Sushi can be prepared manually with stoves and cooking pots, but you need to be good at the process to achieve a good result. You don’t have to pass through all the hurdles of making sushi on a stove when there is a better and easier option to prepare mouthwatering sushi. Using a rice cooker will eliminate the guesswork out of preparing sushi.

Before we get started, let’s do a little background check about sushis. Sushi was originally founded in China but it found solace in Japan. A lot of people thought that sushi comes from japan.

Since the advent of sushi in the AD, and with things becoming more easier and automated, there is no reason, you have to keep making sushi like the old ways; so I will be revealing to you, the best brand of rice cooker that is good for making sushi.

Also, I will be revealing to you, ‘which rice is best for sushi’.

Which rice is best for sushi?

There are different varieties of rice and trust me, you do not want to use just any rice for making your sushi. Picking the wrong grain of rice will produce a terrible outcome.

It all boils down to the same question, ‘which rice is best for sushi’?

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The best rice for making sushi is short-grain rice, the reason is not far-fetched. Short-grain rice is somewhat sticky when cooked compared to long-grain rice and brown rice. Choosing the right rice for sushi is very necessary if you don’t want any horrible experience with sushi.

Top Picks For Best Sushi Rice Cooker

Another mind-boggling question people ask is, ‘which rice cooker brand is best for sushi? Having the ideal rice cooker will go a long way in enhancing your sushi experience.

We need to know which rice cooker brand is best for sushi, not all rice cookers can make sushi, some rice cookers will just thwart the whole process. Some rice cookers come with a special and dedicated preset menu for prepping sushi. let’s get started.


First on my list of which brand rice cooker is best for sushi, is the CRP N0681fV rice cooker from the helms of Cuckoo; and believe me, you will get popeyed by the abilities of this rice cooker.

This rice cooker by Cuckoo is a master of the art rice cooker with over 16 menu options to cook different arrays of dishes, such as sushi, nu rung Ji, gluttonous rice as well as congee.

This brand rice cooker is best for sushi, and it is super easy to use; it features an LCD timer. It doesn’t end there, the rice cooker also comes with voice navigation control in three different languages, which makes it super easy to navigate through the cookware.

Above all, the Cuckoo CRP N0681FV has a fuzzy logic technology; this means the rice cooker will automatically adjust to high temperatures for a perfectly cooked meal, without the food getting burned.

Key Features

  • Scratch-resistant, non-coated x-wall inner pot.
  • BPA free
  • 16 menu options
  • 6 cups capacity 
  • 890 watts
  • Voice navigation
  • Pressure regulator
  • Overheat indicator

Capacity: the Cuckoo CRP N0681FV rice cooker is a 6-cups rice cooker, that can cook a meal for roughly 6 people; it is more suitable for small families and singles. The compact size of the cookware makes it easy to fit in a small space on a kitchen countertop.

Power: regardless of the small size, this rice cooker has an impressive 890 watts of power consumption, which makes it a very powerful cookware.


  • User Manual, 
  • Measuring Cup, 
  • Rice Scoop, 
  • Steam plate, 
  • Cleaning pin
  • Great for making sushi
  • Voice control (Korean, Chinese, English)
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast cooking
  • Quite difficult to assemble

Instant Pot Pro

Instant pot pro is a 10-in-1 pressure rice cooker that is ergonomically designed to level up with the insatiable sushi and saute demands. This cookware is referred to as the 10-in-1 rice cooker because it can effectively carry out the task of 10 different cookware.

It is a great tool for sautes, sushi, sous vide slow cooker, pressure cooker, sterilizer, yogurt maker, food warmer, cake baker, and steamer. The design of this rice cooker was inspired by a regular kitchen pot.

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You can do a lot with this pressure cooker in a matter of minutes. It also has a unique functionality called the convenient favorites. The convenient favorite allows you to prepare your special delicacy that is not on the menu option, which I think is very cool. Aside from being one of the best sushi rice cookers, it can carry out the task of 10 other cookwares.

Key Features

  • BPA free
  • 6 cups capacity
  • Overheat protection
  • Safety locking lid
  • LCD timer
  • Gentle steam release
  • 1200 watts

Capacity: this instant pot pro pressure rice cooker is a 6 cup capacity cookware. It can prepare a meal for roughly six people, it is also a great choice for small families and singles.

Power: this pressure rice cooker possesses an impressive 1200 watts of power consumption, which makes the rice cooker a very powerful cookware.


  • Extra sealing ring 
  • Stainless-steel 
  • Steamer rack with handles.
  • Super easy to use and clean
  • Quietness and dispersion of the steam release
  • Lid holder
  • Ability to control the sound of the rice cooker
  • Some people complain of plastic smells
  • No damage control

Zojirushi NS LGC05XB Micom Pressure Cooker

Munching on sushi made with this Zojirushi pressure cooker is very delectable. Zojirushi has proven yet again, that they are all you need when it comes to pressure rice cookers. With the advent of the Zojirushi NS LGC05XB micom rice cooker, making sushi in a rice cooker became so much easier.

This pressure rice cooker from the helms of Zojirushi is arguably one of the best sushi rice cookers you can get your hands on. It is a multi-functional rice cooker with special settings that allow you to prepare different assortments. 

This rice also claims to be a triple heater I.e it generates heat from the bottom, sides, and the lid; it also has an advanced fuzzy logic technology, which prevents rice from getting burned when the temperature is very hot.

Key Features 

  • BPA free
  • Triple heater
  • Auto-keep warm/Reheat
  • Delay timer
  • 3 cups capacity
  • Retractable cord
  • Advanced fuzzy logic tech
  • 450 watts

Capacity:  this Zojirushi rice cooker is a 3 cup rice cooker, I believe this rice cooker was made solely for single people. It can cook roughly for 2 to 3 people.

Power: regardless of the size of the rice cooker, it still possesses a lot of power; it has an impressive 450 watts of power consumption.


  • Rice spatula, 
  • Spatula holder
  • Rice measuring cup
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Special menu for cooking steel-cut oatmeal
  • Long Grain White Setting
  • GABA Setting
  • Very compac
  • Not ideal for cooking jasmine rice

Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker

Hamilton Beach is one brand you can trust with making your sushi. Hamilton Beach is a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing quality kitchen cookware, and they have proven their over and over within the past decades.

I find something very intriguing about this rice cooker, and that is the ability of the rice cooker to cook two different meals simultaneously. With the help of an integrated basket, you can steam veggies, meats, seafood, even when the rice is cooking below.

With just a push of a button, you can quickly prepare a full meal with just minimal effort.

Key Features

  • 8 cups capacity
  • 250 watt
  • BPA free
  • 2in1 steamer basket
  • 4 Programmable settings

Capacity: this hamilton beach programmable rice cooker is an 8 cup (4 cups uncooked) rice cooker. If you are tight on budget, you should consider getting this rice cooker. Seldom can we find a rice cooker with amazing features at a paltry price tag, and is also one of the best sushi rice cookers available.

Power: this rice cooker has a minimal power consumption of 250 wattages; although, it is still a powerful cookware, and can cook prepare meals In a matter of minutes.


  • Rice rinser/steam basket
  • Measuring cup
  • Serving paddle 
  • Affordable
  • Very compact
  • Great for making sushi
  • 4 programmable settings
  • Not ideal for large families

Bonus: Donabe Rice Cooker

Donabe rice cooker is an ancient Japanese-styled clay pot cooker that cooks fluffy rice cooker effortlessly. Although the Donabe rice cooker is not a pressure cooker; I believe it is worth the mention. It is ideal for people that want to feel connected to their ancestors.

The Donabe traditional clay pot has been around for a very long time, and it is a complete masterpiece. It carries out so many functions such as steaming veggies and braising stew. Also, it does wonders, when it comes to cooking rice such as jasmine and brown rice.

It is a slow cooker, the pot slowly heats up when placed on a stove, thereby increasing the aromatic flavors of the rice or any other dish being prepared. At a paltry sum of $34.99, you could own one of these clay pots and you will never again worry about making delectable sushi because the Donabe rice cooker will braise flawless sushi.

Also, this clay pot cooker is a great choice for singles and students, it can cook for roughly 3 people. A tiny hole is drilled on the lid, for steam to pass through while cooking.

How To Make A Simple Sushi Roll

Making sushi does not have to be complex and time-consuming; with the help of any of the aforementioned rice cookers, you can prepare a simple sushi roll sooner than you think.

I honestly think this article is not complete if I don’t show you how to quickly prepare a simple sushi roll without having any prior experience. Here is how to make a simple sushi roll at home.

Step 1. Measure the rice using the measuring cup of the rice cooker. Note, in this case, you need short-grain rice in other to get the desired result.

Step 2. Wash and rinse the rice. Washing the rice will help get rid of excessive starch. Continue washing until the water becomes clear. Washing and raising the rice also increases the stickiness of the rice.

Step 3: Simmer the rice in any of the above rice cookers for some minutes (30 minutes preferably). You can make use of the sushi button if there is one on the rice cooker. Otherwise, braise the rice till it becomes very sticky.  

If you’re satisfied with the result, kindly bring the rice out of the cooker and spread it evenly on a flat wooden surface, and let it cool off for at least 5 minutes.

Step 4: While the rice is cooling off, get the ingredients ready, (sushi vinegar, salt, salmon, spring onions), etc. Sprinkle some salts on the sushi, add at least four tablespoons of sushi vinegar to the rice, and mix them evenly.

Always make sure the vinegar is well mixed with the rice. After, mixing, spread the rice out evenly once more.

Step 5: Get your carrots, cucumber, spring onions, salmon fish, mackerel fish, and any other ingredient of your choice ready and slice them up.

Caution: Unless the salmon fish is freshly gotten out of the water, you need to freeze and defrost salmon fish before using.

Step 6: Get a bowl of clean water, a seaweed wafer, and a sushi rolling mat. Place the seaweed on the rolling mat and spread the rice evenly on the rough side of the seaweed wafer.

Step 7: Kindly add the rest of the ingredients (Salmon, mackerel, cucumber, spring onions) to the sushi rice.

Step 9: It’s time to roll! Kindly roll the rice together with the rolling mat under the seaweed wafer. Roll the whole thing up to your satisfaction.


And that is how to make a simple sushi roll at home without any prior experience. Honestly, making sushi is very simple, and not complicated as you think, and with the help of the best sushi rice cookers listed above, the process would be much easier and faster. 

Notwithstanding, I will still be leaving a video description below, in other to get a more pictorial view of the whole process. 

How to make sushi roll


What rice cooker do sushi restaurants use?

One of the best and most frequently used rice cookers by sushi restaurants is the CUCKOO CRP N0681FV and the NS LGC05XB micom cooker. These two micom rice cookers are undoubtedly the best rice cookers that do the work of cooking fluffy rice without hassles. Other rice cookers used by sushi rice cookers include Instant Pot Pro, Donabe rice cooker, etc.

Is a rice cooker good for sushi rice?

Yes, a rice cooker is good for sushi. Rice cookers will eliminate the guesswork of braising sushi, especially as a first-timer; some rice cookers have a built-in special menu just for cooking sushi rice. So therefore a rice cooker is good for sushi.

Do I need a rice cooker for sushi?

I recommend you get a rice cooker if you are making sushi for the first time. Overall, rice cookers are best for making sushi, with just a push of a button, a rice cooker will effortlessly cook fluffy rice that will make a perfect and simple sushi roll.

Which rice is best for sushi?

Short grain rice is the best rice for sushi. They are relatively sticky and fluffy when cooked than long grain rice and brown rice. Always use short grain rice if you want to achieve a good result with your sushi. Also, short-grain rice is used by restaurants for making sushi.

Do Japanese restaurants use rice cookers?

Yes, Japanese restaurants do make use of rice cookers; and one of the most commonly used rice cookers in Japanese restaurants is the Zojirushi Neuro-fuzzy rice cooker.

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