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Black And Decker Rice Cooker: Reasons Why You Need One.

black and decker rice cooker

Ever want a sturdy and ergonomic rice cooker? then you should probably be thinking black and decker rice cooker. The simplicity of its rice cookers is what makes it exceptional. It is a basic and no-frills rice cooker that does its job perfectly.

It is no longer a thing of doubt that, black decker rice cookers are one of the cheapest rice cookers available on the market, yet they still perform wonders.

We frequently spend hundreds of dollars on rice cookers, another refurbished or inferior item ready to be picked up by an unsuspecting consumer. However, the Black & Decker cooker has shown to be distinct from the rest.

Black & Decker is a household name that has been around for over 112 years. They make a wide variety of appliances, but we’re going to focus on their rice cookers, not just rice cookers, but the best of them.

They have manufactured some of the greatest rice cookers on the market, and despite their simple appearance and lack of features such as a display panel and timer, users are still very pleased with the black & decker rice cookers.

Like always, I will be selecting and reviewing some of the best models of rice cookers by black and decker.

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Black And Decker Rice cooker Top Picks

When picking a rice cooker, you need to be diligent. You need to consider many factors, such as capacity, keeping warm features, etc. These factors will enable you to pick the best food processor to solve your needs.

One important factor to consider when choosing a rice cooker is the size of the appliance. You don't need a large rice cooker if you have a small family or are cooking for one or two people. A small or medium-sized rice cooker will suffice.

However, If you are cooking for a large family or want to make a lot of rice, you will need a rice cooker that can fit the amount of rice you want to cook at one time. Regardless of the size, Black and Decker rice cooker have a size for all.

The next factor to consider is the features of the rice cooker. Some rice cookers come with special features, such as a keep-warm function. This can be important if you want to keep your rice warm after it has been cooked.

Unboxing The Black Decker Rice Cooker RC Series

black and decker rice cooker

If you want a rice cooker but you are unable to do much because you are on a budget, then the RC-series of the Black & Decker rice cooker is here to help you out.

The Black & Decker RC series is a line of rice cookers that are very affordable and come with many features.

The first thing you’ll notice about the RC series is its ergonomic design. Even a 5-year-old can use it effectively because the concepts and instructions of this rice cooker are straightforward.

They are quite stable, with no signs of wobbling when in use. Although the RC series has minimal features, it still performs wonders.

This Black and Decker rice cooker is pocket friendly. That way, you don't have to break the bank before you own it, and you can be sure of the rice cooker serving for years without signs of wearing.

The temperature slide allows you to adjust the heat range for the best results on various foods. The innovative slanted surface also aids in fat removal during cooking, and the George Tough nonstick coating is easy to clean after each use.

The machine automatically changes to 'keep warm' mode once the cooking cycle is completed, and it will remain heated until serving time! With the included steaming basket, you can prepare healthy veggies, fish, and other cuisines. The measuring cup makes preparing the right amount of rice simple, and the plastic serving spoon protects the nonstick post from scratches.

Key Features

  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 9.25 inches
  • Ready Indicator Light
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited
  • Removable non-stick pot
  • Auto-keep warm
  • Steam vent


RC503, RC506, RC14, RC16, and RC5280 are the five capacities available in the RC series. As a result, you can select the one that best matches your kitchen. The RC503, with a 3-cup capacity, is the smallest, while the RC5280, with a 28-cup capacity, is the largest.

black decker rice cooker

Whatever your expectations, the RC series offers a model that will meet them! These cookers are dependable, long-lasting, and simple to operate. They're ideal for both personal and business use.

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  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Different capacities
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Durable
  • Helps remove fats during cooking
  • No display panel
  • No timer

Black & Decker RCD514

black and decker rice cookers

Cooking big meals got easier with the BLACK+DECKER Digital Rice Cooker and Steamer. This handy appliance has digital controls that make selecting the cooking function you need simple, with options for Brown Rice, White Rice, Slow Cook, Keep Warm, and Steam.

This Black Decker rice cooker does more than just braising rice. It is a versatile cooker that you can use to make various dishes, such as oatmeal, stew, sushi, and steaming of veggies. it has a nonstick pot that is easy to clean. It also comes with a steamer basket and a measuring cup.

It also includes a Delay Start Timer, so your food will be ready when you are. Also, the automated keep-warm function will keep your food warm until you are ready to consume it.

Key Features

  • Large 14-cup Capacity
  • Digital Pre-programmed Controls
  • Slow Cook, Keep Warm
  • Stay-cool and ergonomic handles


This black decker rice cooker has a 14-cup capacity. It is perfect for preparing party-size cuisines.

black and decker rice cookers

  • Multifunctional
  • Perfect for cooking a large batch of rice
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Digital controls
  • Delay time
  • Display panel
  • Issues of water spillage

Black And Decker Rice Cooker Instructions Manual

Cooking rice can be daunting, but with the Black Decker rice cooker, it becomes a breeze. The cooker is easy to use and has a very straightforward interface with easy-to-read instructions. This means that there are no guesses when cooking rice.

It is also versatile and can be used to make soups. It also comes with a steaming basket, which allows you to steam vegetables or fish.

How To Cook Rice

  • Measure the required cups of rice using the included measuring cup.
  • Wash and drain the rice, until the water becomes clear. This is to ensure they're less starch in the rice.
  • Fill the cooking pot with water to the line corresponding to the number of rice cups cooked for white rice.
  • Add ingredients such as vinegar, and butter as desired.
  • Place back the cooking pot into the base of the rice cooker.
  • Connect the appliance to the electrical outlet.
  • Switch on the rice cooker by pressing the control button; when done properly, the cook indication light will ignite, and the cooking cycle will commence.
  • The rice cooker will automatically switch to keep-warm mode once the cooking cycle is completed.

How To Make Soup

Just like cooking rice, making soup is also very easy. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare your soup for savoring. I will be showing you a step-by-step guide on making a quick soup using the Black & Decker rice cooker instructions.

  • First of all, get your soup ingredients ready.
  • Add water to the cooking pot, up to the desired level
  • Add all the ingredients to the cooking pot
  • Place the cooking pot back into the base of the rice cooker
  • Connect the cookware to the power outlet, and the indicator light will ignite.
  • Manually switch the rice cooker to keep warm mode.
  • Sit back and watch the rice cooker handle the rest of the job.

Safety Guidelines

  • Never connect the rice cooker to the power outlet with wet hands.
  • Open the rice cooker's lid and stir if water spills during the cooking cycle. But you must be very careful to avoid third-degree burns on yourself.
  • Never fill the cooking pot above its capacity.
  • Do not put the power cord in water or any liquid to avoid electric shock.
  • Never use the appliance with a broken or damaged power cord.
  • Do not use the appliance for anything else outside its stated purpose.
  • Close supervision is required when a child is operating the appliance.
  • Do not use the appliance near inflammable substances like gas and fuel.
  • Always disconnect the appliance from the power outlet before cleaning.
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Wrapping Up

Black and Decker rice cookers are not only affordable, but they are also some of the most versatile kitchen appliances on the market. Many think these cookers are only for braising rice, but they can be used for much more.

For example, one of my favorite things with my Black and Decker cooker is making chicken stock. All you have to do is add a whole chicken, some vegetables, and some seasonings to the pot and let it cook for a few hours. You’ll be amazed at how much flavor the stock has when it’s done.


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