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Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine: Best Review

Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine
Written by Jules Whitman

In the market for a dependable and effective washing machine at a price that won't break the bank?

The Bosch Ascenta is a perfect choice! It'sIt's not only a great choice in terms of effectiveness, but it also has built-in safety measures to ensure durability. 

It has a range of cycle choices and functions to ensure excellent results, a high spin speed, and efficient energy-saving operation.

Bosch'sBosch's cutting-edge technology ensures your washing will be tremendous and sparkling clean every time!

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Unboxing the Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine

The Bosch Ascenta washing machine is an innovative, energy-efficient, and intuitive machine that can handle any laundering job.

Whether you're a single person, a family of four, or a busy professional, the Bosch Ascenta washing machine can make light work of your laundry.

Upon unboxing, the first thing that stands out is the unique design. Not only is this washing machine designed to accommodate any laundry need you have, but it also looks beautiful. 

The Bosch washing machine has all the accessories necessary for a complete installation. The box contains:

  • The washing machine.
  • The water supply hoses.
  • A drain hose.
  • The user manual.
  • A mini maintenance kit.

The Bosch Ascenta also comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that you'll have a reliable machine for years. 

Installing the washing machine is straightforward. Firstly, begin by placing the washing machine in the desired location.

Then, connect the included hoses and user manual to the water source and electricity and power it on.

Ensure all connections are secure and you're ready to use your washing machine.

The Bosch Ascenta is equipped with the latest and greatest in washing technology with intuitive controls to help you tailor your wash to your needs.

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How Does the Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine Work?

The Bosch Ascenta laundry unit possesses numerous characteristics that make it an excellent choice for active and bustling homes.

The Ascenta is a top-loading contraption with various cycles and a large drum.

The Ascenta washing machine of Bosch offers multiple speeds, which help you pick the most practical choice for your wash.

An EcoSpeed setting is available to conserve energy meanwhile giving you extraordinary cleaning results.

Average speed is suggested for usual laundry loads, whereas the Heavy rate is excellent for thorough laundry needs.

The Delicate cycle mode is well-suited for fragile fabrics, and there is a SuperQuick 15-minute cycle selection when you require speedy results.

The Ascenta laundry machine of Bosch has an energy efficiency rating of A++, the highest available.

Running on the EcoSpeed setting, this unit only needs 134 watts of power per hour, making it very efficient and one of the most economical contraptions.

Some other convenient features found on the Bosch Ascenta include an anti-microbial cycle, a time-delay function, and a two-part aqua-stop system.

The anti-microbial cycle is intended to decrease microbes and other germs that might induce sickness.

The time-delay function allows you to set the machine to begin washing at an exact time which is extremely useful.

The two-part aqua stop system guards the device against water leakage, immediately turning off the power until the wash cycle can safely continue.

What You Should Look Out for When Buying Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine

When purchasing a washing machine, there are several points you need to bear in mind to guarantee you end up with a reliable device that will supply years of advantage.

When it involves Bosch Ascenta washing devices, you can rest assured that you are investing financially in a high-quality product.

However, in this instance, there are still some essential points you must keep an eye out for. 

Be sure to inspect the sound effects of the Bosch Ascenta washing device. Many individuals choose the Ascenta machine because it is famous for its reduced sound efficiency, so examine whether it meets your expectations before purchasing.

You must also check the machine's water intake and energy efficiency rating to ensure it is as reliable as possible for your requirements. 

Verify any parts before purchasing, such as the door seals, washing drum, and other elements. If any of these components are not in good problem, they could cause issues with your washing machine later.

Therefore, checking everything is in good condition before bringing the washer residence is essential. 

Explore the warranty, customer service, and customer scores for the Bosch Ascenta washing machine you are considering.

This will ensure you have coverage and receive good customer service if anything goes wrong with the device.

Key Features of the Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine

Ascenta Washing Machine

1. PowerWave Wash System

Bosch's patented PowerWave wash system circulates water, detergent, and fabric softener using a balance of water pressure and drum movement to clean clothes efficiently.

2. 5 Wash Cycles

Choose from 5 wash cycles, including Eco, Delicate & Normal, Sportswear, Whites, Heavy Duty, and PowerWash, for customized cleaning for every need.

3. WaveDrum

WaveDrum technology provides gentle and efficient washing performance through its unique wave-droplet design.

4. AntiVibration System

Bosch's AntiVibration System helps to reduce vibration and noise for a peaceful washing experience.

5. Speed Perfect

Speed Perfect helps to reduce washing time by up to 65% for a super fast and efficient wash.

6. EcoSilence Drive

Bosch's EcoSilence Drive motor provides a quiet and energy-efficient wash.

7. Temperature Settings

The Ascenta washing machine's temperature settings let you adjust the temperature of your wash for different fabrics.

8. Load Sensor

The load sensor conveniently adjusts the size for the most efficient wash possible.

9. Self-Cleaning

To keep your washing machine clean and odor free, the Ascenta automatically performs a self-cleaning cycle after every 40 wash cycles.

Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine Pros and Cons


  • Reliable and quiet operation
  • Energy and water efficient 
  • Easy-to-use control panel and settings 
  • Variety of available cycle settings 
  • Soaking cycle 
  • Sanitize cycle for complete cleaning 
  • Quick cycle for smaller loads
  • Lightweight


  • Limited features compared to more expensive models 
  • Not compatible with pedestal installation 
  • Low spin speeds compared to other models 
  • Limited capacity for large loads.
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Wrapping Up

The Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine is a remarkable and highly efficient addition to modern laundry technology.

Through its innovative features, user-friendly design, and impressive performance, it offers a laundry experience that is both convenient and effective.

The sleek and modern aesthetic of the Bosch Ascenta Washing Machine complements its advanced technology, making it a stylish and functional appliance for any home.

Its range of customizable settings and wash cycles ensures that users can tailor their laundry routines to suit their needs.

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