What To Know Before Buying A Buffalo Rice Cooker In 2022

Buffalo rice cookers are always known for their doggedness, simplicity, and unique designs. The classic series from buffalo, especially the 5 cup, looks almost like a regular kitchen pot. The inner pot of the classic series is made out of stainless steel, unlike other rice cookers that have a coated inner pot.

Well, what that implies is, the inner pot is scratch-resistant and free from chemical coating. I like to savor rice cooked with a Buffalo smart rice cooker because I find it pleasurable.

For the past six decades, buffalo projected itself as a brand for manufacturing quality stainless steel cookware in Taiwan and across Asia.

One of the reasons why buffalo cookware became popular globally, is because the inner pots of their rice cookers are made of stainless steel. Stainless steels are very safe and recommended for kitchen cookwares because they don’t emit any form of toxins when exposed to heat.

Let’s take a sneak preview at one of the most sought-after buffalo smart rice cookers, and how to use it the right properly.

Buffalo Rice Cooker Classic 5 Cups

The classic 5 cup from buffalo has a scratch-resistant and non-stick inner pot, that is completely made out of steel, without any chemical coating. This micom rice cooker is a smart pressure cooker. The classic 5 cup rice cooker is capable of cooking rice for small families. It is also a great option for single people.

This micom rice cooker is one of the most sought-after cookware from the buffalo company. One of the things I find amazing about this cookware is the aromatic flavors, that come out when cooking.

The 5 cup capacity rice cooker can cook different varieties of food such as brown rice, basmati, white rice, soup, steaming, cakes, as well as congee. 

The unique interface of this buffalo smart cooker also makes it very easy to operate; the appliance has an impressive 500 watts of power consumption, and a 120 voltage. This classic rice cooker is a powerful appliance, regardless of the size.

The unique interface of this rice cooker also makes it very easy to operate and user-friendly; the kitchen appliance works on an impressive 500 watts of power consumption, and a 120 voltage which is no doubt a powerful rice cooker.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel inner pot.
  • 500 wattage
  • Removable inner lid
  • BPA free
  • Weight: 8.73 pounds
  • 5 cup capacity
  • 3 years warranty for the inner pot
  • 3D Heating

Size And Capacity

This classic rice cooker from the helms of buffalo has a 5 cup capacity. Although the capacity might be little; but this rice cooker can perform wonders. This classic rice cooker can cook food for 3 persons. It is still a great choice for small families. It is also a perfect choice for single people.


Despite the small size of this rice cooker, it is still very powerful. The power consumption of this rice cooker is quite impressive. This rice cooker operates on a 500 watts engine, which makes it easy to cook rice in just minutes.


  • measuring cup, 
  • Rice paddle
  • Rice and soup scoop
  • Aerodynamic designs
  • Perfect for small families and singles
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel inner pot
  • Versatile
  • Scratch-resistant
  • BPA free
  • Cost-effective
  • No Display panel
  • Too much water condensation in the lid
  • Not good for cooking brown rice


Well, it is no doubt that, when an appliance is properly maintained, the durability of the appliance will increase dramatically. So, therefore, in other to make our buffalo rice cooker last longer, we need to maintain it properly.

Gross misconduct and negligence towards this rice cooker will dramatically diminish its durability. Here are some maintenance tips you need to follow, to make the rice cooker last long.

  • Place the inner pot properly in the engine base, else the rice cooker will not function properly.
  • Do not warm food for more than 4 hours with the buffalo smart cooker.
  • Always keep the pot and heating panel clean and dry, to prevent foul odor.
  • Ensure you clean the inner pot before cooking.
  • Always clean the appliance after each use.
  • Never submerge the whole appliance in water.
  • Always disconnect the buffalo smart cooker from power, when not in use.

Safety tip: never place your hands on the steam vent, while an operation is going on, this might lead to serious burns on the skin.

How To Cook Rice With This Buffalo Smart Cooker

So, it’s time to put the rice cooker to good use. The aromatic flavor that the rice cooker release when cooking is amazing. I mean, even if you are not a fan of eating rice, you might fall for the sweet aroma. I find it very amazing. 

Here is how to cook quick rice using the buffalo smart cooker classic 5 cups.

  • Measure the rice quantity, by using the measuring cup. Do not measure beyond the capacity.
  • Wash and rinse the rice to get rid of excessive starch
  • Pour the washed rice into the inner pot.
  • Add the required amount of water to the inner pot, do not go beyond the maximum capacity.
  • Close the lid and make sure the steam vent is well in place.
  • Connect the appliance to the electricity.
  • Press the cook button to start cooking.
  • Once the cooking is done, the buffalo smart cooker will automatically switch to keep warm mode.

The manufacturers also recommend that you leave the cooked rice in keep warm mode for at least 10-15, because according to them, it will further enhance the taste of the rice.


This buffalo smart rice cooker is very economical. The rice cooker also serves as an automated chef; that can take care of cooking while you just relax. 

With just a press of a button, the appliance will cook your rice in minutes. This buffalo rice cooker will also be a perfect choice if you are looking for a gift to buy for someone.

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