All you need to know about the Cuisinart Dlc-2Abc before buying

The Conair Cuisinart Dlc-2abc mini prep is an amazing food processor, that handles different tasks in the kitchen, such as grinding, pureeing, chopping, and blending. The Dlc-2abc features a reversing smart-power blade that can easily and quickly grind, chop and puree soft and hard food ingredients.

The Cuisinart model Dlc-2abc mini prep has an impressive 250 watts of power, the mini processor is super fast in accomplishing small tasks in the kitchen. The blunt edges of the chopping blade are used for grinding hard food ingredients.

The Conair Dlc-2abc is very easy to clean and maintain, it has a wipe-clean touchpad, and the removable parts are completely dishwasher friendly. It is a versatile mini food processor that helps in breaking down food ingredients, it is ideal for small kitchen preparation.


  • Power: 250 watts
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 3-cups
  • 24-ounce work bowl
  • Stainless steel blade (sharp & blunt edges)
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • BPA free
  • 18-month warranty limited
  • Dishwasher friendly parts.
  • Spatula

Safety Guides For The Cuisinart Dlc-2abc.

Before you start using the Dlc-2abc, there are some important safety guidelines you need to follow, to avoid injuries, and damage to the Cuisinart dlc-2abc.

  • Always handle the blade with extreme care when removing from the shaft, to avoid injuries.
  • Never put the power plug or cord in water to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  • The cuisinart dlc-2abc should not be used by children, except under close supervision by an adult.
  • To avoid  injuries, do not fix the chopping blade on the shaft if the work bowl is not properly in place.
  • Never use the food processor with a damaged cord.
  • Never use any accessories, that are not included with Dlc-2abc.

Processing Tips

Before you start chopping, pureeing, and grinding with the Conair Cuisinart Dlc-2abc, you need to consider three things, in order to get the most and perfect result from the food processor.

Size: due to the size of this product, you have to pre-cut big pieces of food into smaller pieces of the same size –  If you don’t cut the food ingredients down into small and uniform sizes, they will not be chopped properly.

Quantity:  never fill up the work bowl to the brim. This will lead to uneven results, it will also overwork the food processor. Always use a specific quantity of food ingredients at a time.

As a rule, always remember that after processing, food should not reach more than 2⁄3 of the way up the central hub of the blade assembly.

Right Control Button: make use of the chop button for chopping, pureeing, and mixing soft and fragile food ingredients like herbs, onions, celery, garlic, and cheese. Use two or three pulse control when chopping to avoid getting your food overly processed.

Make use of the grind button for food items like spices, and for grinding hard food ingredients such as peppercorns, seeds, chocolate, and nuts. Grinding of foods like grains and seeds can cause abrasion on the work bowl.


Cleaning And Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the appliance is very necessary and compulsory, as it helps prevent the food processor from having foul odors. Cleaning and maintenance will help extend the durability of the food processor.

  • Turn the work bowl cover clockwise to remove.
  • Remove the blade with extreme care by lifting it up from the shaft of the motor base.
  • Also, turn the work bowl clockwise to unlock, lift it off the motor base.
  • Always wash and rinse the work bowl and the blade after each use, to avoid food particles drying on them, be careful when washing the blade.
  • Do not leave the blade in a soapy water where it may vanish from sight.
  • You can place the blade, the spatula and work bowl and the cover on a dishwasher rack after cleaning.
  • Never immerse the motor base in liquid or water.
  • Use a slightly damp and clean cloth for cleaning the motor base.
  • Dry the whole parts of the cuisinart dlc-2abc before assembling back.
  • Store the processor on a countertop in the kitchen.

Troubleshooting The Cuisinart Dlc-2abc

The Conair Cuisinart dlc-2abc might occasionally run into a fault, that might leave you stranded when using. Here are some quick ways to troubleshoot the dlc-2abc food processor.

The blade is not rotating.

-Check if the power plug is connected properly.

-Examine if the work bowl is locked properly.

-Never press two buttons simultaneously.

Food is not chopping evenly.

-This usually happens when you put large food than the required quantity in the processor.

Food is overly chopped or overprocessed.

-Your food will get over-processed and watery if you use too many pulses while processing.

-To avoid your getting over-processed, use short and fewer pulses while processing.

Food is slowing the blade.

-This happens when you are processing too much food than the required amount.

-Stop the processor and remove the blade, make sure the blade is not moving, and reduce the quantity of food.

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