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Does Grubhub Deliver Groceries? Answered

Does Grubhub Deliver Groceries
Written by Jules Whitman

Does Grubhub deliver groceries? Grubhub offers grocery delivery services alongside food deliveries. 

Grubhub is a popular food delivery service that allows customers to order meals from their favorite restaurants and deliver them to their door.  

This article will discuss Grubhub's grocery delivery service, including what it is, where it's available, and how it works. 

We will also explore the benefits and drawbacks of using Grubhub for grocery delivery, including delivery times, selection, and cost. 

Whether you're a busy professional, a senior citizen, or someone who wants to stay in the house, Grubhub's grocery delivery service is the perfect solution.

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About Grubhub

Does Grubhub Deliver Groceries

Grubhub is an American online and mobile food ordering and delivery marketplace that connects diners with local restaurants.

The company was founded in 2004 by Matt Maloney and Mike Evans in Chicago, Illinois, and it's headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Grubhub operates in over 4,000 U.S. cities and London.

Grubhub allows customers to place orders for delivery or takeout from local restaurants through its website or mobile app.

Customers can search for restaurants by location, cuisine, and menu item, place orders, and pay through the app or website.

Restaurants can also use Grubhub's online ordering and delivery platform to take orders directly from their website or mobile app.

The company's platform allows customers to track their delivery in real-time and provides an estimated delivery time.

Grubhub also offers a rewards program called Grubhub+ which gives members perks such as free delivery and exclusive deals.

In addition to food delivery, Grubhub also offers grocery delivery services in select markets.

Customers can place orders for grocery items from local supermarkets and have them delivered to their homes.

Grubhub operates through several subsidiaries and partners, such as Seamless, Eat24, AllMenus, and MenuPages.

The company has also acquired several smaller food delivery companies, such as EatStreet, Tapingo, and LevelUp.

Does Grubhub Deliver Groceries?

Yes, Grubhub has recently expanded its delivery services to include a wide range of grocery items.

Customers can now order groceries from local supermarkets and deliver them to their homes, just like they would with food delivery.

This service is available in select markets and is subject to availability based on location.

One of the benefits of using Grubhub for grocery delivery is the convenience and time-saving aspect of not having to leave your home to do your shopping.

You can place your order online or through the Grubhub app and deliver your groceries to your door.

This is especially helpful for those unable to go out to shop, such as the elderly or those with mobility issues.

Another advantage of using Grubhub for grocery delivery is the wide selection of products available.

You can find everything from fresh produce to household essentials and specialty items like organic and gluten-free products. This means you can shop in one place without visiting multiple stores.

In terms of delivery times, Grubhub offers both same-day and scheduled delivery options.

However, delivery times may vary depending on the availability of delivery slots and the store's location.

Grubhub charges a grocery delivery fee, but the cost may vary depending on the location, store, and the items you order.

There may also be a minimum order amount required for delivery.

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How To Check If Grubhub Delivers Near You

Grubhub is a popular food delivery service that has recently expanded to include grocery delivery in select markets.

However, the availability of this service can vary depending on location.

Here's how you can check if Grubhub delivers groceries near you:

  • Go to the Grubhub website or open the Grubhub app on your mobile device.
  • Type your delivery address in the "Where to?" search bar.
  • Once you've entered your address, Grubhub will show you the available restaurants and stores that deliver to your area.
  • Look for the grocery delivery option among the other options; if it's available in your area, it will show up as a category.

If you don't see the grocery delivery option, your area's service is currently out of stock.

Alternatively, you can check Grubhub's website or customer service for a list of locations currently offering grocery delivery.

Payment Methods That Grubhub Accept

Grubhub accepts a variety of payment methods for both restaurant and grocery orders.

Here are some of the most common payment methods accepted by Grubhub:

  • Credit and debit cards: Grubhub accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  • PayPal: Customers can link their PayPal account to Grubhub and use it to pay for orders.
  • Grubhub gift cards: Customers can purchase Grubhub gift cards and use them to pay for orders.
  • EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer): Grubhub accepts EBT payments for grocery delivery in select markets.
  • Apple Pay and Google Wallet: Grubhub accepts payments via Apple Pay and Google Wallet for eligible orders
  • Grubhub+ membership: Grubhub+ members can use their membership to pay for eligible orders and enjoy benefits such as free delivery and exclusive deals.

Not all payment methods may be available in all areas, and some markets may have different options.

Additionally, some restaurants may have payment methods or restrictions. You can check the available payment methods when placing the order.

It's also important to note that Grubhub may occasionally run promotions or discounts that can only be applied if you pay with certain payment methods, so check for any special offers before placing your order.

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Wrapping Up

Grubhub's grocery delivery service is a convenient and time-saving option for those who want their groceries delivered to their door.

It offers a wide selection of products and delivery options, but availability and cost may vary depending on location.

So, next time you need groceries and want to stay in your home, give Grubhub a try.


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