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Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice? (Yes! 2023 Prices)

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice
Written by Jules Whitman

Dry Ice is one popular material in high demand, and most people usually ask, "does Walmart sell dry ice?"

The dry ice serves various purposes, including refrigerating food and beverages for a long time. 

In theaters, dry ice is helpful in the creation of special effects for movies and music videos. Hence, it is unsurprising why people need it.

Walmart boasts of having thousands of functional stores across major cities and countries. It stands high as one of the largest retail stores in the world.

Shoppers love Walmart because of their low prices and high-quality goods. 

However, looking for material like dry ice can be difficult. People wonder if the famous retail store, Walmart, sells dry ice.

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What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is simply Carbon dioxide (CO2) in its solid form. Dry ice is -78.5°C, which means it is freezing. 

It commonly serves the purpose of a cooling agent and can maintain a low temperature without becoming liquid.

Dry ice is available in different forms and is essential as it serves many great purposes. 

However, Dry ice can be so dangerous for someone's eyes or skin, so it is best to handle it properly.

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice?

The question is, "does Walmart sell dry ice?". The answer is yes, they do. 

Penguin Brand Dry Ice is the common brand of dry ice available in most Walmart stores worldwide.

This brand of dry ice has been famous for producing quality dry ice for decades. Founded in 1926, Penguin Brand Dry Ice is the USA's biggest dry ice supplier. 

The Dry ice is available in different sizes, making it unique and best for different purposes.

While many different dry ice brands are available, this is the one that most Walmart stores have.

Price of Dry Ice in Walmart Stores

Penguin Brand Dry Ice is available for customers at almost $2.00 in most Walmart stores.

The dry ice's availability and price depend on the customer's location. 

In some Walmart retail stores, dry ice is available for as low as $1.6. On the other hand, some other stores sell them at $2.0 - $3.0. 

The average price of dry ice at Walmart falls between the range of $1.5 - $3.0. It is good to know that availability depends on the buyer's location. 

It is better to check with the Walmart retail store close to you. You can also use the company's website to get more information.

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Can One Find Dry Ice in All Walmart Stores?

No, dry ice is not available in all Walmart retail stores. Some stores have dry ice readily available for customers, while others do not.

If you need to buy dry ice at Walmart, you must get firsthand info on its availability.

Buyers can also contact the store's customer service to make inquiries. 

Remember to handle dry ice carefully during purchase, pickup, transportation, or delivery.

Can I Order Dry Ice From Walmart Online?

You can order dry ice from Walmart via their website or mobile app. In some cases, dry ice is not readily available for delivery. 

This is mainly because of the customer's location or time of purchase. Walmart does not take orders at night.

Also, some Walmart stores do not do online delivery due to some factors. In cases like this, buyers in such locations cannot order dry ice online.

Note that improperly handling dry ice can cause injury to the skin. Endeavor to wear protective gloves while handling dry ice to avoid direct contact.

Check with your local Walmart store to know if they take orders online. You can get this information from the store's customer care department.

Also, always note that purchasing dry ice requires some restrictions. Restrictions like minimum quantity to order or the age of the buyer are usually put into consideration.

Uses of Dry Ice

Dry ice serves several purposes due to its refrigerating nature and Carbon content.

Here are some of the uses of dry ice:

  • Create stunning special effects in movies and music videos 
  • Carbonation of soda, beer, and other beverages
  • Cleaning and industrial freezing
  • Useful in carrying out medical and scientific research
  • Control of pest
  • Keep food, beverages, and drinks cold for a long while 
  • Industrial freezing

Safety Measures to Take When Handling Dry Ice

It is essential to take safety precautions while handling dry ice. Despite its benefits, dry ice can be hazardous to the human body.

Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Use goggles or a face shield 
  • Make use of thick protective gloves
  • Keep the dry ice in a ventilated space
  • Avoid storing dry ice in a tight container 
  • Handle dry ice with picking tools like tongs
  • Use dry ice in a lot of environment 
  • Do not inhale dry ice 
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Wrapping Up

Walmart sells dry ice, but the availability of dry ice depends on the location of the Walmart store.

Buyers should check their local Walmart stores to see if Walmart is available for purchase.

Dry ice can be ordered online on Walmart's mobile app or website. However, make proper inquiries from customer service to ensure a smooth purchase.

Dry ice is dangerous, and buyers/users should handle it carefully. Take all safety measures into consideration when using dry ice.

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