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Does Walmart Sell Firewood? (2023 Update)

Does Walmart Sell Firewood
Written by Jules Whitman

Finding good firewood in the USA can be quite tasking, and buyers want to know if Walmart sells firewood.

Walmart is usually the first store to come to your mind if you need a place to buy firewood. 

Walmart is one of the largest retail stores in America, selling different essential products.

However, the question is, "does Walmart sell firewood?". Yes, Walmart sells one of the best firewood.

Buyers must know what they want and what Walmart is offering them. 

We will discuss the types of firewood available in Walmart. Furthermore, we will touch more on the prices and availability of firewood in Walmart stores. 

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Does Walmart Sell Firewood?

The answer to that question is YES. Across their numerous stores, Walmart sells firewood

The availability of firewood depends on the location of your local Walmart store. Firewood may not be available in some stores, but it can be available in others in a few quantities.

Before heading to the store to purchase firewood, contact the Walmart store in your location. 

On the other hand, buyers can check Walmart's online store to see if the firewood is available online.

What Type of Firewood Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells different types of firewood, like fire logs, softwood, and others. 

The most available firewood type that is in Walmart are:

1. Hardwood

Maple and oak are examples of hardwoods that Walmart sells. You find a lot of them in the nearest Walmart stores. 

The hardwood burns hot for an extended period. Because of its longevity, it is the best choice for warming your home. 

People on camps or long trips can use hardwood to warm themselves or make fast meals.

2. Softwood

Spruce and pine are the common types of softwood in Walmart. They are less dense, unlike hardwood.

Due to its lower density, it produces less heat and burns at a fast rate. Unlike hardwood, softwood is less expensive.

3. Manufactured Fire Logs

Another wood sold by Walmart is fire logs. Wood byproducts and sawdust are the components of original fire logs. These make them light, easy to set ablaze, and burn long.

Price of Several Firewood Types in Walmart

The price of firewood at Walmart depends on the wood of your choice, quantity, and discounts or promos. 

Hardwood is usually expensive. On the other hand, softwoods and fire logs are usually cheaper.  

Here is an estimate of the price of firewood types in Walmart:

  • Manufactured fire logs: $2 - $4 per bundle 
  • Cherry: $5 - $7 per bundle
  • Maple: $5 - $7 per bundle
  • Hickory: $5 - $7 per bundle
  • Oak: $5 - $7 per bundle
  • Spruce: $3.5 - $5 per bundle

It is important to note that prices depend largely on availability, firewood type, and location.

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Benefits of Buying Firewood From Walmart Stores

As a reputable grocery store in America, Walmart is a favorite go-to store for many. 

For buyers who need firewood urgently, they can buy from any Walmart store in the absence of a local supplier.

Another excellent benefit of getting firewood from Walmart is its affordability. As a reputable retailer, Walmart offers goods at low prices, unlike its competitors. 

Walmart gets its firewood from trustworthy suppliers of original firewood. 

The firewood is usually dry and always ready for burning. It is essential to buy dry firewood because wet woods do not burn well and it produces much smoke. 

On a final note, the customer service team of Walmart is always ready to address issues with purchase or delivery. 

In cases where you face issues with the firewood you purchase, Walmart is always willing to assist.

Dangers of Using Firewood

Firewood has many benefits and importance to humans. However, there are still certain dangers of using firewood.

The benefits of firewood are higher than the possible dangers, but we cannot just ignore the challenges. 

As it is common knowledge, everything with an advantage has its disadvantage.

Here are some of the possible dangers of using firewood:

  • Air Pollution
  • Dangerous to human health
  • Deforestation
  • Time-Consuming
  • Chances of fire outbreak during use in the home
  • Tendencies of inefficiency during cooking or heating

Firewood is an excellent and cheap fuel source, but its many dangers are not one to ignore. 

As we seek ways to cut environmental impact, we should also endeavor to source other energy sources. These energy sources must be eco-friendly and not dangerous to human health.

Uses of Firewood

Firewood serves a lot of purposes for human consumption. Humans generally use firewood for several things.

In ancient days, firewood served different purposes. 

Let us point out a few uses of firewood in our modern days. Here are they: 

  • Heating homes during cold seasons
  • Cooking
  • Source of light during camping activities
  • Recreational purposes
  • Decoration and aesthetics
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Wrapping Up

From the above discussion, we now know that Walmart sells firewood. If you have been in doubt earlier, it is good that you are now aware. 

There are different types of firewood available in Walmart stores. We also discuss their properties and how they operate.

The quality of firewood at Walmart may be different from the ones you can find at a supplier's store. 

However, Walmart is an affordable and convenient option to get good firewood.

You ensure you trust the quality of the firewood you buy from Walmart. Check the quality and read online reviews of customers.

Please do not neglect the product description; it helps you to make an appropriate decision.

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