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Dyson AM11 vs TP01

Dyson AM11 vs TP01
Written by Jules Whitman

Dyson AM11 vs TP01 is one comparison that people have been asking for. So which is better?

Dyson's AM11 and TP01 machines are two of the business's most favored air purifiers, furnishing proprietors with extraordinary air refining capabilities.

They both accompany three capable advances intended to channel and sanitize the air in your home – making them a top decision for getting rid of allergens, particles, and impurities.

However, have you pondered which of these models is remarkable for managing your home's contaminants?

Read on to find out.

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Dyson AM11 vs TP01

Dyson AM11 vs TP01

The Dyson AM11 and TP01 purifiers are successful; however, they are far from indistinguishable.

The AM11 is an older, more straightforward model with a four-speed purifier.

At the same time, the TP01 is more current and offers Wi-Fi availability, four degrees of cleaning, and a flexible programmed mode.

This makes the TP01 more advantageous, particularly when maintaining air quality without manual alterations.

Be that as it may, the AM11 has exciting highlights, including a clock and sterile cleaning innovation. 

The definite choice comes down to the requirements and inclinations of the client.

The Dyson AM11 and TP01 give clean, new air to the home; however, what will be your predominant decision?

Dyson AM11 vs TP01: Similarities


The Dyson AM11 and TP01 are the most popular air purifiers today.

While they both serve the same purpose, filtrating indoor air and eliminating contaminants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria, they may have some subtle differences. 

Both machines have the same type of air-purifying technology. The Dyson AM11 and TP01 are equipped with a two-stage air purification system.

This consists of a pre-filter and a carbon filter that capture and remove airborne contaminants. 

Both can provide a custom-made cleaning experience. Equipped with Intuitive technology, both can detect levels of pollutants and adjust their cleaning cycles as needed.

This ensures that users get maximum cleaning and more efficient air purification with each use.

When it comes to noise, both units are relatively quiet, making them ideal for households with children.

TheTP01 features the Quiet Mark certified technology. On top of the noise-reduction technology, users can also adjust the noise levels for personal comfort.

The Dyson AM11, however, is relatively noiseless, eliminating any hassle or disturbance from cleaning. 

Regarding efficiency and cost, both are among the top choices. With their energy-saving tech, they offer great value for money and are much cheaper to run compared to other models.

Dyson AM11 vs TP01: Differences

Dyson AM11

At the outset, we stated that the Dyson AM11 and TP01 are impressive and preferred fans from the regarded label.

While they are both created to provide a robust and efficient cooling experience, there are a few marginal differences between them. 

The AM11, issued in 2011, is the more potent model. Its comprehensive collection of technologies allows it to gather more dust and debris than the TP01 model.

Its Digital Motor V2, Tru-Remote sensors, and Air Multiplier innovations make it possible to offer top performance when it comes to cooling your living space.

Its curved blade configuration delivers air speedily and privately while providing vigorous suction intensity. 

The TP01 version, released in 2014, is moderately newer, albeit less potent than the AM11.

It applies a technique identified as Pure Flow to reduce rumbling and sound, generating fast and powerful airflow.

Its Patent Air Multiplier development brings out additional airflow than the AM11. Though, its dust and debris collection capabilities are more confined than the AM11.

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Dyson AM11 vs TP01: Summary

This is a detailed comparison between the two products:

AM 11TP01 
StyleMinimalistic visual designImpressive round form
CoolingAdvanced cooling technologyAdvanced cooling technology
HeatingNo heating componentNo heating component
Purifying360° glass HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter 360° glass HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter
Auto Mode Automatic setting included Automatic setting included
Diffused ModeDiffuse mode distributes air delicately throughout the space,Not included
Night ModeSound level silent night mode included Sound level silent night mode included
Backward ModeIncluded Included
Oscillation350-degree 70 degrees
DisplayLED with easy-to-understand symbolsNo display
Connectivity Dyson Link using Wi-FiNo Dyson Link Connection
Airspeed Ten fan speed Ten fan speed
Weight 8.09 lb8.4 lb
Height 8.6 inches 40.1 inches
Prices Expensive  More affordable 
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Wrapping Up

The Dyson AM11 and TP01 air purifiers are two of the best options for improving the air quality in their home or office.

Both models offer advanced air filtration technology and stylish designs but differ in features, performance, and price.

The AM11 is a premium model with more advanced features and better performance, making it ideal for those who want the best in air purification technology.

On the other hand, the TP01 is a more affordable model that still provides effective air filtration and is suitable for those looking for a basic air purifier without all the extra bells and whistles.

Ultimately, the choice between the Dyson AM11 and TP01 will come down to your needs and budget.

By considering each model's key differences and features, you can make an informed decision and choose the right air purifier.

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