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Dyson AM11: Best Review

Dyson AM11
Written by Jules Whitman

The Dyson AM11 is an innovative air purifier and modern solution to keeping your home clean and free of irritating allergens and germs.

This innovative product is the first of its kind, combining the best of traditional air cleaning machines and modern air purifiers.

Featuring advanced airflow technology, the Dyson AM11 can detect particles' size, speed, and direction, allowing it to capture 99.95% of the particles that threaten to pollute the air quality in an average home – ranging from pollen to bacteria.

It captures particles up to 30cm away, blanketing the room with clean, balanced air.

This intelligent technology ensures your home is free from allergens and is also environmentally friendly, producing fewer allergens than most air cleaners.

Additionally, the Dyson AM11 is sleek and modern in design, adding sophistication and elegance to any interior.

Invest in a Dyson AM11 and experience the breath of fresh air that its clean air technology brings.

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Unboxing the Dyson AM11

Dyson AM11

Unboxing the Dyson AM11 brings a spellbinding feeling. As you unbox the package, you see the impressive and streamlined look of the tower fan.

In the box, you should be able to find the lover itself, a handheld remote and its dock, a guide book and any unique extra accessories meant for your model.

Setting up the Dyson AM11 is exceptionally painless. The installation necessitates locating the fan where you desire, plugging it in, and fine-adjust the fan speed.

If you want to use the handheld remote feature, you must put the remote in its cradle, which will automatically harmonize with the fan.

Once you have established the fan, you can continue to use its features. The Dyson AM11 is matched with the best air dynamic know-how Dyson offers.

It can oscillate to a formidable 70 degrees for a more even distribution of cool air in a space.

Moreover, it includes a Night mode to adjust the fan speed and air dynamic for a quieter atmosphere.

How Does the Dyson AM11 Work?

The Dyson AM11 device can generate highly effective and fast air circulation. High-speed air is securely projected forward with a persistent suction pressure through its exceptional air multiplier technology.

It has different velocity settings, each with particular benefits and power utilization that is limitedly low compared to traditional fans.

To activate, click a button, and then you have full access to all the various features, such as low, auto, and high-speed settings as well as a nine-hour timer and sleep mode.

Additionally, the motor function is soundless and energy efficient, consuming only 30W of electricity.

The air multiplier technology of the AM11 efficiently and rapidly circulates air which you can set at specific temperatures with the single press of a button.

The 'auto' setting senses and assumes the room temperature, automatically delivering the desired warmth or cooling.

The 'high' mode generates strong air movement for quick cooling or heating. The 'low' setting offers a gentle flow of air, aptly suited for a relaxed ambiance.

You can finally catch some restful sleep with the sleep mode available on the AM11, where the fan's speed will decrease over the night, leaving you with a soundless environment and comfortable room temperature.

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Key Features of Dyson AM11

1. Air Amplifier Technology

The air amplifier technology included with Dyson AM11 yields copious air currents to craft a comforting air movement anywhere it is installed.

2. Air Cleaner System

This can remove up to 99.97% of irritants, dust particles, and pollutants from the air. It also contains a Perceptive Air Quality Sensor, depicting the LCD findings, which can detect air quality changes.

3. Fully Changeable Oscillation Control

The Dyson AM11 has a modifiable oscillation restrain, which allows you to focus the blow of the fan in a precise direction.

4. Quiet Performance

Dyson AM11 operates soundlessly, so you don't have to stress about disturbance disrupting your sleep or well-being.

5. Intelligent Heating System

The intelligent heating system makes it conceivable to keep cool or warm to demand. You can set up the opted temperature, and the fan will acclimatize automatically to maintain it.

Dyson AM11 Pros and Cons


  • Powerful motor delivers powerful suction with no loss of power
  • Quiet operation for effective cleaning without disturbing the peace
  • HEPA filtration captures and removes up to 99.97% of allergens and pollutants
  • No loss of suction over time
  • Adjustable suction power allows for different floor types
  • The remote control allows for easy operation and setting changes
  • Bagless technology reduces costs and hassle associated with purchasing replacement bags


  • Substantial cost of purchase
  • The top-heavy design may be difficult to maneuver
  • No separate brush bar/head setting
  • Suction power may be too high for some surfaces.

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Wrapping Up

Dyson AM11 is a powerful and versatile gadget with advanced air purifying technology and valuable features.

With its HEPA filter and oscillation function, this air purifier can effectively remove allergens, pollutants, and other impurities, helping to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Its advanced technology and user-friendly controls make it easy to use and customize, while its sleek and modern design makes it a stylish addition to any home or office.

While it may come with a higher price tag than other air purifiers, its efficiency, and durability make it a worthwhile investment for those prioritizing clean air and a healthy living environment.

Overall, the Dyson AM11 is a highly recommended gadget that combines advanced air-purifying technology with user-friendly features to deliver a superior air-purifying experience.

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