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Are you searching for the best food processor substitute? It is no doubt that a food processor is like our third hand in the kitchen. The importance of a food processor is boundless. Normally, a meal that will take 30 minutes to prepare will take less time to prepare if you use a food processor.

However, we are likely to bump into an issue with our food processor, which might render us helpless. In cases like this, we need to find some good alternatives to our food processors.

It is good to always have a  food processor alternative, in case you might bump into one or two issues with your food processor. So here is what I did, I decided to write about some of the best and cheap alternatives for a food processor. And believe me, you will be surprised and marveled at the alternatives I will be highlighting. In no particular order, here are my top 11 tools you can use instead of a food processor.

Top 11 Food Processor Substitutes

Some of the food processor alternatives that will be listed here have been around for a long time. Even though technology and innovation are changing the way of life, some of the past ways of processing foods are still very effective. In no particular order, here are the top 11 tools you can use instead of a food processor.

Grinding Stones

The grinding stone is an archaic way of processing food ingredients; the grinding stone is similar to a rolling pin. It involves the use of a huge flat stone and a cylindrical small stone to grind and crush food ingredients. The grinding stone is very effective. However, the only downside to the use of grinding stones, is that it requires manual effort to make it work.

Grinding stones is very effective for grinding and crushing vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, as well as peppers. The grinding stone can serve as a very good substitute for a food processor.

The grinding stone is very easy to use, but the efficiency of this alternative largely depends on the operator. It doesn’t end there, you can use the grinding stone to achieve a finely grounded or coarse texture.

  • Very cheap
  • Good grinding
  • Durable
  • Uses manual force.

Mortar And Pestle

The mortar and pestle have been existing since time immemorial. Just like the grinding stones, mortar and pestle is an ancient and modern way of crushing hard food ingredients such as nuts into a coarse or smooth texture.

The mortar and pestle is a very good food processor alternative, but it also requires the use of manual force to work effectively. Even with the presence of a food processor, the mortar and pestle can still be very useful.

Mortar and pestle can be largely found in most African and Asian homes. In Africa, the mortar and pestle are used for pounding and crushing cooked yams in preparation for some of their best delicacies. 

  • Good for crushing hard nuts
  • Very cheap
  • Durable
  • Uses manual force

Antique Universal Food Grinder

The antique food grinder has been around for a while, this tool is quite popular in the past because of its versatility. The antique food grinder is boisterous and rugged. The antique food processor can be used to grind just any meat.

The Antique universal food grinder features a long crank handle and tiny holes that grind meats into tiny long strands when the operator spins the elongated crank handle.

To use this tool, you need to strap it to the edge of a flat surface, put the meat into the mouth of the tool and start spinning the elongated crank handle.

  • Good for grinding meats
  • Durable
  • Manual force

Food Choppers

Food choppers like the Kitchenaid KFC316ER, is a very good food processor substitute. A food chopper can perform almost the same task as a food processor. The difference between the two appliances is just minimal. 

A food chopper can take up the work of a food processor, especially when it comes to tasks like chopping and grinding. Food choppers are generally meant for chopping onions, cucumbers, carrots, etc. Without a doubt, a food chopper remains one of the best food processor alternatives.

A food chopper such as the Kitchenaid KFC316ER electric food chopper can be used instead of a food processor. This kitchenaid has also proven to be a worthy replacement for a food processor.

  • Fully automated
  • Good for chopping
  • Good for dicing
  • Not suitable for kneading


Another great option for a food processor alternative is a blender. Blenders are generally meant for processing food ingredients into a smooth liquid. But in times like this, a blender will be a perfect food processor substitute.

The good news is that a blender and a food processor can be used interchangeably, the difference between the two appliances is just minimal. Blenders are perfect for making smoothies and other soft beverages. Some blenders can perfectly replace a food processor. 

But the only downside to using a blender in place of a food processor is that a blender is not good for kneading dough. Also, a blender is not suitable for making bread crumbs. Nevertheless, a blender remains one of the best good food processor substitutes.

  • Good for pureeing
  • Good for processing food ingredients into a smoother liquid
  • Perfect for beverages, like smoothies
  • Not good for making bread crumbs
  • Not good for kneading

Vollrath 6005

The Vollrath 6005, is very similar to the Antique universal grinder; just like the antique grinders, the Vollrath also features an elongated crank handle. The major difference between the Vollrath 6005 and the Antique food grinder is the ability of the Vollrath to slice, shred, whereas the Antique food is good for grinding.

The Vollrath 6005 features different cones that allow you to slice, shred, cones that make french fries, and string cones. This tool is what to use instead of a food processor. It works great, especially if you want something that can slice and shred food ingredients.

  • Good for shredding
  • Good for slicing
  • Good for grating
  • Use manual force

Grain Mill Grinder

A grain mill grinder is another wonderful food processor alternative; this tool is what you can use instead of a food processor. The tool is great for crushing grains and other nuts into a smooth texture.

Grain mill grinders, especially the Wondermill grain grinder is a powerful appliance, that can grind up to 100lb of grains. It can effortlessly grind cereals into gluten-free flour.

  • Very large
  • Very powerful
  • Can ground all types of grains effortlessly
  • Noisy

Vegetable Chopper

A vegetable or veggie chopper is a versatile tool that can speed up the cooking time of a meal. There is something I find amusing about a veggie chopper, and that is the ability of the tool to cut down any vegetable regardless of the size.

If you want to chop down lots of onions, tomatoes, cucumber, then I think you should consider one of these as a food processor substitute.

Most veggie choppers come with a spiral blade, that allows you to chop vegetables into spiral shapes. That means you can chop onions, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, etc, into ring shapes.

It doesn’t end there, a vegetable chopper can see you through the rigorous process of chopping with a knife. Well, I believe that a veggie chopper can take up the place of not just a food processor but also a knife. This tool is very effective in the kitchen.

  • Versatile
  • Can chop any vegetable
  • Easy to use
  • It is not automated.

Veggie Bullet

Anything that goes into the veggie bullet comes out in a spiral shape. The veggie bullet from Nutribullet has a spiral motor base that can transform food ingredients into a spiral shape.

This appliance is fully automated, it can drastically reduce the cooking time of a meal. Aside from shooting out processed spiral food ingredients, this appliance is also very good at slicing, dicing, and shredding.

Above all, a veggie bullet is a great tool for making stir-fries, noodles, spaghetti, cauliflower rice, and chopped salads.

  • Versatile
  • Multipurpose
  • Fully automated
  • Not suitable for kneading


Knives have been around for ages, and it seems to be one of the best and most affordable food processor alternativesKnives are very versatile, they can be used to chop down any food ingredient.

If you feel, you still need to narrow down the best alternatives for a food processor, then a knife is your best bet. Knives can be found in every home. The uses of a knife are boundless. And if you are skillful enough with a knife, you might be able to achieve what you want.


A grater is a tool you can use instead of a food processor. You can opt-in for a manual or an electric grater, anyone you think is better. However, I would always pick an electric grater anytime over a manual food processor.

The reason is that an electric food grater can speed up the cooking time, whereas, with a manual food grater, you will have to do the whole task manually. 


All the aforementioned tools are the best food processor substitute you can get your hands on. However, if you still feel uneasy with all the listed alternatives to a food processor, here is my advice to you;

Get a mortar and pestle: since you want something cheaper, you should consider getting a mortar and pestle and use it to grind.

Get a knife: A knife can be used for chopping down veggies and other food ingredients.

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