Hamilton beach stack and snap food processor review

The hamilton beach stack and snap food processor perform much more tasks for the price tag; seldom, will you find a food processor that gives you the opportunity to do more tasks, without a huge price tag.

If you are looking for the best hamilton beach food processor, then look no further, In this article, we will reveal one of the most sought after and best hamilton beach food processors that can handle different tasks in the kitchen.

Additionally, this article will also attend to important questions people ask on a daily basis about hamilton beach food processors. 

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Hamilton beach inc. was founded in 1910, by Hamilton L.H and Chester Beach. In 1904, the duo was working for the United States Standard Electrical Works in Racine, Wisconsin. The company they both worked for was manufacturing electrical appliances, but later began to evolve into a line of motorized household and kitchen appliances. 

Hamilton beach stack and snap food processor is an ideal food processor for family use; the food processor makes use of a robust and sharp blade that can chop and grind almost any food ingredient without obstructions.

The hamilton beach stack and snap food processor were smartly built to make life and cooking in the kitchen easy. It is a good food processor for preparing small and large meals.

Where are hamilton beach food processor manufactured?

Just like most and top big companies, hamilton beach food processors are also manufactured in china. Hamilton beach made contracts with manufacturing companies in China, to manufacture most of their appliances.

This move was very necessary for them, in other to stay relevant and updated in the line of home and kitchen appliances, also, hamilton beach food processors are manufactured in China because of the cheap labor workforce.

Is Hamilton beach a good food processor?

The hamilton beach food processor is one of the best food processors in the market. Some food processors can give you a tough time in cleaning up, hamilton beach processors are dishwasher friendly, which makes maintenance super easy and breezy.

The hamilton beach stack and snap food processor make it easy to chop and mince food ingredients. It also has a unique reversible disc that can slice food on one side, and shred food on the other side. So, therefore, hamilton beach is a good food processor.


Hamilton beach stack and snap food processor 12 cup.

The Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap food processor is quite easy to operate. It takes the guesswork out of food processors. The manual guide that comes with the stack and snaps processor makes it very easy to operate. The manual guide also shows you the right blade to use and the right button to press while processing.

The hamilton beach stack and snap food processor have a powerful 450-watt motor with many processing tools like the s-blade, shredding, and slicing disc that can easily cut down just about any food ingredients such as onions, celery, herbs, garlic, pepper, etc.

The stack and snap food processor also has a massive 12 cup, a massive feed tube to fit in the round and slender food ingredients, this can save a lot of time when cooking a large meal. It also reduces the stress of pre-cutting.

The hamilton beach stack and snap food processor also have a defined pour spout that reduces spillage.

Fun Fact: you can also process soups and other liquids with the hamilton beach stack and snap food processor.

Features & Specs:  

  • Stainless Steel Blades.
  • Massive Feed Tube and pour spout.
  • Retractable Cord Wrap.
  • Lid.
  • Adjustable Slicing Disc.
  • Reversible Slicing and Shredding disc.
  • 2 speed/pulse control.
  • 450 watts motor.
  • Dishwasher friendly parts.

Pros & Cons:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Pour spout
  • 450 wattage
  • Slicing/shredding disc
  • 2 speed/pulse
  • BPA free
  • Ideal for large families.
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Hamilton beach Stack and snap food processor parts.

It is good to know the part names of the hamilton beach stack and snap food processor;  you don’t have to go through a lot of stress to figure out the names of each part if you want to order one. Here are some of the significant parts of the hamilton beach stack and snap food processor.

S-Blade: The S-blade is perfect for quick chopping of food ingredients. The s-blade is made of durable hardened steel, with a plastic knob positioned in the middle of the blade. the knob makes the blade balance on the motor base shaft.

Bowl: The bowl houses the food and the blades for processing. The bowl is usually made out of transparent plastic materials.

Slicing/Shredding Disc: The slicing or shredding disc is used for slicing and shredding food ingredients. The slicing/shred disc is dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

Gasket: The gasket is a thin rounded rubber material; It is placed at the top, and below the container, making the food processor air-tight and well sealed.

Food Pusher: the pusher is used for pushing down to the bottom while processing.

Safety Guides Of The Hamilton Beach Stack And Snap Food Processor.

When you use the hamilton beach stack and snap food processor or any other food processor, there are some safety guidelines you need to strictly adhere to, to avoid unforeseen accidental injuries. Here are some of the safety guidelines you to maintain at all times.

  • Never use your hand to push food down the feed tube while shredding, slicing or chopping food ingredients.
  • Never use the appliance with a damaged plug head.
  • Ensure the chopping blade and bowl is fixed properly to the motor base shaft, before using.
  • Do not move around the processor while it is operating.
  • Never fill up the processor than its capacity.
  • Always unplug the appliance when not in use.
  • Do not plug the appliance to the power outlet with wet hands.


It is no doubt that the hamilton beach stack and snap food processor is a very versatile food processor, the features of this processor are top-notch and seldom can you find a food processor with such amazing features.

Getting your hands on this food processor will do you a lot of good in the kitchen; it will serve as a third hand in the kitchen, thereby, making the whole process of preparing large meals a whole lot easier.

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