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Is Newegg Safe? 

Is Newegg Safe 
Written by Jules Whitman

If you are a frequent online shopper, you might have heard of Newegg and are asking: "is Newegg safe?".

Newegg is an e-commerce store that deals in computer accessories, both software and hardware. 

As cyber scams and identity theft become more rampant, the safety of Newegg is in question. People are asking if Newegg is a haven to get tech products.

Let us discuss the safety of Newegg and the security measures put in place by Newegg to protect clients.

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What Is Newegg All About?

Newegg is an E-commerce store that deals in computer products like hardware and software. 

The company came into existence in 2001 and now boasts as one of the largest online retailers. 

The product catalog of Newegg contains various types of computer accessories. They deal in products like desktops, laptops, game consoles, software applications, etc. 

The company is famous for its reliable customer service, fast shipping, and reasonable prices.

Asides selling products, Newegg also offers a variety of resources to customers. These resources help them to make proper purchasing decisions. 

These resources are mostly product specifications, reviews, and advice from experts in the tech market.

The Big Question: Is Newegg Safe?

Is Newegg safe? The answer is yes; Newegg is very safe. Due to their love for customer security, they have implemented strategic security measures like SSL encryption. 

Additionally, customers who might have done business with Newegg have positive things to say about them. Customers have applauded their quick shipping and excellent customer care.

While no seller is entirely perfect, Newegg has an excellent reputation when it concerns the client's safety and security. 

With tough security measures in place, Newegg has built a sense of trust in the hearts of its clients. 

Their excellent and high-quality products have also made them a reputable tech store.

Security Measures Taken by Newegg

As an online store that deals in tech products, Newegg takes into importance the safety of its clients. 

They understand customer safety and security and take it seriously.

The company has put tough security measures in place to ensure the security and protection of customers' data. 

Let us look deeper into the security measures that Newegg has in place.

1. SSL Encryption

The first and most important security measure put in place by Newegg to ensure customer safety is SSL encryption. 

SSL, known as Secure Sockets Layer, is a modern security technology. The Secure Sockets Layer encrypts the communication between the customer's computer and Newegg's website. 

With this, any information you give the Newegg platform, like a card or personal details, is safe.

The encryption key prevents third parties from accessing the user's information.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

Another strong security measure used by Newegg is two-factor authentication. 

This two-layer type of security requires customers to offer two forms of identification. With these identification forms, users can access their accounts. 

Aside from your chosen password, you must provide a code sent to you by SMS or Email. This code is known as the 'verification code.'

Two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account, even if your password is tampered with. 

This is simply because a third party must have access to your SMS or email. With this information, they can complete the verification process.

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3. Monitoring for Security Threats

Newegg is a skilled professional who monitors their websites for security threats. 

These professionals scam the website regularly for potential vulnerabilities. If there are unchecked vulnerabilities, attackers can take advantage of them. 

Newegg takes immediate security action to address every vulnerability.

User Reviews of Newegg

User reviews are essential to every retailer and their customers too. It gives an insight into what buyers should expect from a product and even the purchasing process. 

Let us look at what customers say about their Newegg experience. Many customers praise Newegg for its affordable prices, swift shipping, and good customer service. 

Customers claimed that, unlike other e-commerce stores, Newegg delivers products on or before the date of delivery. 

In addition, customers appreciate the various range of products available on Newegg. According to them, they could find the goods they had been looking for on Newegg.

There are also negative reviews from customers amidst the positive reviews. 

Some customers have had shipping problems like delays, and sometimes they get damaged products upon delivery. 

Others need help with reaching customer service to lodge complaints.

Additionally, some customers need help with fraudulent card charges when purchasing Newegg. 

Overall, the positive reviews are more significant than the negative reviews.

However, it is essential not to ignore the negative reviews. This helps you to prepare for the worst.

Payment Options at Newegg

Newegg accepts several payment options for customers to make their shopping experience excellent. 

Here are some of the acceptable payment options:

1. Credit cards 

Newegg accepts all credit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, etc.

2. PayPal

Customers who use PayPal to make day-to-day payments can pay for goods at Newegg with their PayPal.

3. Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is an electronic payment service. It allows customers to store and use their credit card details for transactions.

4. Newegg Store Credit

Customers can also use the Newegg-issued store credit to buy products on the company's website.

5. Newegg Gift Cards

Newegg gift cards are an alternative payment option for customers.

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Wrapping Up

Newegg is a safe and trustworthy online tech retailer. The company has reliable security measures like Two-Factor authentication to protect customer details.

Also, with various payment options acceptable by Newegg, customers can enjoy a splendid shopping experience.

Newegg's dedication to securing customer data and keeping them safe is commendable.

This makes it an excellent choice for people who might need to purchase high-quality computer accessories.

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