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Best Keurig That Makes Iced Coffee In 2023 – With A Cobra Design

keurig that makes iced coffee

I always love to brew my coffee over ice, I won’t say it's an addiction, but I always brew my espresso coffee over ice. Even if the weather is at 50o Celcius. I believe you are searching for a Keurig that makes iced coffee, which makes us kindred spirits.

Well, you have come to the right place because I have just the perfect coffee tool to satisfy your taste.

Coffee has to be one of the best beverages in the world; it's a proven fact the health benefits of coffee are boundless.

Well, not all coffee makers can brew coffee over ice. Some of them might just ruin the taste of your coffee. Keurig has done a great job with the K-elite because it can brew coffee over ice.

All thanks to Sylvan and Peter Dragone, the founders of Keurig. Because of them, I always start my day blissfully.

So what is the name of the Keurig that makes iced coffee better? Let us deep dive into one of the most sought-after coffee makers made by Keurig inc. 

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K-Elite Single-Serve Coffee Maker

The refreshing and soul-chilling taste that comes with chilled coffee cannot be underestimated, it can connect the human soul to an inner realm.

So what is this Keurig that makes iced coffee called?

If you are the type that likes to brew your coffee over ice, then you definitely need to grab one of the Keurig K-elite.

The first thing I noticed about the Keurig K-elite is the design; a cobra inspires the design of the k-elite coffee maker; the k-elite has a sleek design with a user-friendly interface. The k-elite is also a single-serve Keurig that makes iced coffee.

One of the iconic functionalities of the k-elite is the dedicated strong brew button; this button allows you to brew espresso coffees.

The technological advancement of the k-elite is very sophisticated and top-notch. The appliance automatically alerts when it is time to decalcify the appliance from calcium.

This k-elite holds a massive 75-ounce water reservoir tank; that means you can brew up to 8 cups of coffee before refilling the reservoir.

Another thing I find interesting about the K-elite is that you can easily and quickly obtain hot water from the appliance if you need some hot water to make oatmeal.

Key Features

  • 75-ounce reservoir
  • LCD
  • Removable drip tray
  • Decalcification notice
  • Silent brew
  • Iced setting
  • Temperature control
  • Auto on/auto-off
  • Five cup sizes
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Dimensions 13.1 x 9.9 x 12.7 inches

Size And Capacity

The Keurig k-elite is a single-serve coffee maker. It doesn’t come with a glass carafe but can brew up to 8 cups of coffee if the water reservoir is filled.

The k-elite has a 75-oz water reservoir. The k-elite also has 3 different brew cup sizes; these can be selected according to the quantity of coffee you want to brew.

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How To Make Ice Coffee With K-Elite

Well, now you know the best Keurig that can make iced coffee, but how do you make that refreshing coffee without ruining the taste?

Keurig has done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is push a button, and you are good to go.

Here is how to make iced coffee with the Keurig k-elite.

  • Get Your Ice Ready: Before making that perfect chilling iced coffee, you must have your ice cubes ready. Put the ice cubes in a mug or any glass that is not fragile.
  • Get Your k-cups Ready: the k-cup is a tiny cup that contains coffee. They come in different flavors.
  • Fill The Reservoir With Water: the k-elite reservoir is 75oz; when the reservoir is filled up, you can brew up to 8 cups of coffee before refilling. Also, never fill the reservoir with water than the maximum capacity. 

Remember not to fill the reservoir than its maximum capacity to avoid the water spilling over from the appliance while brewing is in progress.


If you get all the needed items ready, you can proceed to the final step by following these two processes below.

  • Put the k-cup into the holder by lifting the pod handle. When putting the k-cup, do not remove the foil paper or lid on the k-cup.
  • It’s time to brew that smooth and refreshing coffee using the k-elite. All you have to do is place the cup containing the ice cubes on the drip tray of k-elite.
  • Press the ice button and select the preferred brew size by either pressing the large, medium or small brew button. When you press the size of the brew button, the k-elite will start brewing hot coffee over ice.
  • Iced coffee button.

  • Silent brew.

  • Can brew other beverages.

  • Temperature control.

  • Decalcification notice.

  • Large reservoir.

  • Smart start
  • No glass carafe

Brewing Options For the K-Elite Coffee Maker

These are some iconic buttons of the k-elite and their functions.

  • Iced Coffee button: the ice button allows you to brew hot coffee over ice without ruining the taste of the coffee.
  • Smart Start button: with the smart start button, you don’t have to wait for the k-elite to heat the water before brewing. But you can only brew a small portion of coffee when you select the smart start button.

How To Descale The K-Elite

By now, it is no doubt the k-elite model is one of the best Keurig that makes iced coffee effortlessly. Let us talk about how to decalcify the coffee maker.

Decalcification is very important because this process removes the calcium build-up from the coffee machine.

The excessive presence of calcium in the k-elite can ruin the taste of the coffee. But the k-elite machine makes the descaling process very easy; the k-elite will notify you when it’s time to descale the coffee machine from excess calcium.

But how do you decalcify the k-elite? Follow these easy steps to descale the Keurig that makes iced coffee the right way. Keurig also recommends you decalcify the k-elite every 3-6 months.

Here is how to decalcify the k-elite coffee machine.

  • Firstly, dispose of any water left in the reservoir.
  • Ensure there is no coffee or any liquid in the k-cup holder. If there is a filter in the reservoir, take it out.
  • Switch off the k-elite coffee machine.
  • Pour the keurig descaling solution into the reservoir.
  • Add some water to the reservoir.
  • Switch the appliance back on.
  • Place a mug on the drip tray and perform a rinsing brew. Do this by selecting the hot water button and the large brew button.
  • Continue the process for about 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Fill the reservoir with fresh and clean water for the final rinsing process; rinse the k-elite at least 6 to 12 times.
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Wrapping Up

The k-elite coffee machine is definitely, and by far, the best Keurig that can make iced coffee.

The versatility of this coffee machine has no limit, so if you want a Keurig that makes iced coffee, this is the best appliance you can get your hands on without ruining the taste of your coffee.

Here at thegadgettrend, we are committed and dedicated to helping you find the best kitchen appliances. That is why we took a lot of time and resources to compare Keurig coffee makers before we came up with the k-elite Keurig that makes iced coffee.


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