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Kids’ Ceiling Fans: 5 Best Brands

Kids' Ceiling Fans
Written by Jules Whitman

As parents, we want to give our children the best possible start in life. Kids’ ceiling fans are an excellent way to help keep your child’s bedroom cool and comfortable while saving energy and being eye-catching and fun.

These fans feature more than just a whimsical design – they offer stable features like quiet operation, adjustable speeds, and light controls, so your child can get the airflow they need without much noise or disruption.

Additionally, for extra peace of mind, most kids’ ceiling fans are constructed with safety features like non-loosening screws, anti-tip designs, and break-resistant blades.

 With these fans, your child’s room can become a unique, comfortable place to grow and have fun.

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How Does the Kids’ Ceiling Fan Work?

Kids’ ceiling fans are a must for any child-friendly space. They create a gentle breeze or a welcome winter chill and complement most children’s bedrooms and playrooms in their fun and colorful designs.

So, how does the kids’ ceiling fan work?

The fan will use lower speeds to create a stirred air movement. This helps cool the room in the summer and keep it warm during the cooler months.

Usually, the fan will be adjustable in speed so that you can set it to the desired temperature. It is also important to note that kids’ ceiling fans have safety features, such as “child-lock” speed control, which prevents them from spinning at high speeds.

Regarding the power, kids’ ceiling fans are typically rated at around 30 – 120 watts. The amount of air they can move depends on the model you buy, so check the specs before making your purchase.

Additionally, the fan will typically draw less current than a regular-sized one due to its small size and low wattage.

You can also choose between various colors and patterns for the blades. This helps create a fun atmosphere and can make a room look stylish.

Kids’ Ceiling Fans: Best 5 Brands to Buy

Several top brands of kids’ ceiling fans are available on the market. They include the following:

1. LEEAGLEGRY 28″ Ceiling Fans with Lights Flush Mount Kids Ceiling Fan

Key Features

  • Size: 700 mm or 28 inches diameter
  • Material: Iron, aluminum, and acrylic.
  • The fan blades are made of ABS transparent material with excellent light transmission.
  • Star ceiling light design
  • LED light source board allows you to switch remotely between light colors (white light 6000K, neutral light 4500K, and warm light 3000K)
  • Included remote control.
  • A reversible pure copper motor that provides two different airflow modes (six-
    speed wind speed and natural wind)
  • A reverse function that can promote indoor air circulation in summer and winter.


  • High-quality materials such as iron, aluminum, and acrylic.
  • Unique star ceiling light design that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Multifunctional smart remote control for easy operation.
  • Three different light colors for flexible lighting options.
  • A reversible pure copper motor that operates quietly to reduce noise.
  • Intelligent timing feature for easy maintenance of the indoor environment.


  • Limited to a 28-inch diameter, which may not be suitable for larger rooms.
  • The ceiling fan may need to be more potent for some users’ preferences.
  • The installation process may require professional assistance, increasing the overall cost.
  • The LED light source board may require replacement over time, adding to maintenance costs.

2. LIJIZAMI 36W Flush Mount Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote Control

Key Features

  • RGB color lamp design with three selectable night light colors.
  • 2 in 1 ceiling fan design with bladeless fan and LED light.
  • Easy installation with all required mounting units included.
  • Quiet motor and safety design for noise reduction and child safety.
  • Dimming color feature with three available colors.


  • RGB color lamp design offers a range of lighting options for different moods and
  • preferences.
  • 2 in 1 ceiling fan design combines a bladeless fan and LED light, providing cooling and lighting in one unit.
  • Easy installation with all required mounting units included in the package.
  • Quiet motor and safety design that ensures children’s safety while in operation.
  • The dimming color feature allows users to choose any light, brightness, and hue to add a warm atmosphere to their living space.


  • Limited to three small night light color options may only suit some’s tastes.
  • It is not suitable for larger rooms due to the unit’s compact size.
  • The enclosed ceiling fan design may provide less airflow than a traditional one.
  • The LED light source requires replacement over time, adding to maintenance costs.

3. CHANFOK Kids Ceiling Fan with Lights

Key Features

  • Safe and Silent Operation
  • Soft and Eye-Friendly LED Light Source with Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness
  • Summer and Winter Mode for Optimal Airflow
  • Remote Control with 3 Different Brightness and 6 Wind Speed Modes
  • Timer Function of 1-4 Hours
  • 30 Days Unconditional Refund and Return
  • Easy Installation with Provided Hardware and Instructions


  • Safe and silent operation ensures peace of mind for parents.
  • Soft and eye-friendly LED light provides children with a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Summer and winter mode allows for year-round use and comfort.
  • Remote control with various settings provides convenient and easy control options.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee offers a risk-free purchase experience.


  • It might be on the expensive side.
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4. COCOSTAR RGB Ceiling Fan with Lights

Key Features

  • Modern and concise style with a hollow center and built-in LED light source
  • Retractable and invisible acrylic fan blades
  • Three ordinary light color changes and 7-color rainbow light
  • Bluetooth speaker for music streaming
  • Safe and quiet design with a fully enclosed structure
  • Wall switch control for color temperature changes
  • Remote control with fan control and wind speed adjustments
  • App smart control via Bluetooth connection with the “ilink” app
  • Suitable for installation and use in different places such as bedrooms, living rooms, and game rooms.


  • Multifunctional design with retractable and invisible acrylic fan blades.
  • Built-in LED light source with three ordinary color changes and seven-color rainbow light.
  • Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy music and party lighting at home.
  • A safe, quiet design with a fully enclosed structure protects you and your family from rotating blades.
  • Large air volume and ultra-quiet operation for a restful and comfortable sleep.
  • Wall switch control and remote control options for convenience.
  • App smart control via Bluetooth connection for advanced control.


  • Wall switch control only allows for limited lighting modes.
  • Does not fit home dimmer switches.
  • Suitable for rooms of only 90~130 Ft².

5. MengWL Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control

Key Features

  • Quiet operation with high-quality copper motor
  • Three wind speeds for optimal air circulation
  • Enclosed design for space-saving and safer operation
  • Iron art paint lampshade with durable and transparent ABS fan blades
  • Hollow design on the light cover with star pattern projection
  • Adjustable light source with three different color effects
  • Smart remote control with brightness control (10% to 100%)
  • 1/2 hour timing shutdown function and memory function
  • Suitable for various indoor spaces such as bedrooms, studies, nurseries, offices, kitchens, and living rooms
  • Comes with an English manual, remote control, and installation instructions
  • Twelve months quality assurance and 24/7 customer service available.


  • Quiet operation with 3 wind speeds.
  • Enclosed design with a star pattern that can be projected on the wall.
  • Adjustable light source with three different effects and brightness control.
  • 1/2H timing shutdown function and memory function.


  • It might be a tad more expensive.

What You Should Look Out For When Getting a Kids Fan

A ceiling fan is an essential part of any kid’s bedroom. Not only do they provide cooling comfort, but they are also great energy savers.

When shopping for a kids’ ceiling fan, there are several features you should consider.

Check that the ceiling fan is UL-listed, meaning it meets safety standards for wiring and construction.

You should also look for a fan with reversible motions, which can be set to spin in different directions for optimal temperature control and energy savings.

The noise level of the fan is another crucial factor. Many children can be startled by loud, whirling blades, so look for models with quieter motors.

Making sure the fan is installed correctly and securely is also essential for noise reduction.

Size and design should be selected with the theme of a room in mind. Kids’ ceiling fans come in various colors, shapes, and sizes to fit perfectly with any décor.

If you want energy savings, get a fan with improved airflow. Look for models with multiple speeds and settings, including Eco settings that save energy while maintaining comfortable temperatures.

When shopping for a kids’ ceiling fan, it pays to do your research. Look for a high-quality, safe, reliable, energy-efficient, quiet, and stylish model.

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Wrapping Up

A ceiling fan is a good way to add style and comfort to a child’s room. With the variety of options available, you can choose a design that fits your child’s personality and interests.

From sports-themed fans to colorful and playful designs, there’s something for every child.

Additionally, ceiling fans can help regulate the temperature in the room, making it a more comfortable environment for your child to sleep and play in.

When selecting a fan, consider the safety features, such as a low-speed setting and blade guards, to ensure the fan is safe for your child to use.

Investing in a kids’ ceiling fan is a great way to make your child’s room functional and fun!

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