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Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner [Best Review]

Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner
Written by Jules Whitman

LySol Washing Machine Cleaner is a powerful and productive way to sanitize your washing machine and divest it of any unwanted aromas.

This compelling purifying mix disposes of grit, form, decay, germs, and other particles from your washer. It is simple to utilize and can use on both top-load and front-load styles.

This cleanser aids in keeping your washer functioning in perfect order, avoiding too many abbreviated cycles, over-the-top water consumption, and unattractive scents.

With its strong cleaning motion, LySol Washing Machine Cleaner helps to guarantee your wash comes out immaculate and fragrant.

As an included reward, the cleaner also helps expand your washing machine's life expectancy, safeguarding you both time and cash.

LySol Washing Machine Cleaner enables you to give your washing the profound, clean experience you deserve.

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How Does Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner Work?

Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner

Lysol washing machine cleaner helps to expel obstinate residuals and smells from your apparatus so you can enjoy spotless, perfect garments with each wash.

It utilizes two intense cleaning operators – sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide.

Sodium hypochlorite is a famous sterilizer that eliminates 99.9% of microbes and infections, while sodium hydroxide attempts to separate dirt and soap scum build-up from your machine.

When you utilize Lysol washing machine cleaner, its extraordinary properties infiltrate profoundly into the dividers of your washing machine and aides weaken residues and smell.

The sodium hydroxide attempts to undermine the dirt and soap scum within the machine, while the sodium hypochlorite executes the microorganisms, including food-source microorganisms, which can cause awful smells.

At that point, the cleaner flushes your machine with chilly water, leaving a spotless and new smell in your clothing territory.

The cleaner should be utilized once per month, guaranteeing your device remains perfect and liberated from earth and microbes.

Apart from cleaning your machine, Lysol washing machine cleaner assists with extending the life of your machine and forestalling harm.

You can maintain the machine by utilizing the cleaner once per month, helping it last more appropriately.

Utilizing the Lysol washing machine cleaner is straightforward and takes almost no time.

You only need to pour a large portion of a jug of Lysol washing machine cleaner into your machine.

Run your device on a hot cycle, and once finished, clean the elastic seal around the entryway of the machine with an old toothbrush.

Finally, flush your device with chilly water; you ought to be finished!

The Lysol washing machine cleaner is a successful and advantageous method of keeping your machine free from dirt and microbes.

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What Are the Active Ingredients in the Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner?

The Lysol washing machine cleaner contains many active ingredients that work together to maintain the cleanliness of your machine.

The main components are alkyl, dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, lactic acid, citric acid, and other ingredients.

Alkyl is the main active ingredient and the primary cleaning agent; it is made up of 40% C12, 50% C14, and 10% C16; these C-12 and C-14 molecules help to remove dirt and odors, while the C16 molecules act as the foaming agent.

Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides are another active ingredient helping to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mold in the machine.

This ingredient is specially formulated for such tasks and only has a 3.711% presence in the Lysol washing machine cleaner.

Lactic acid is an aPH-lowering ingredient that works to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. It has a concentration of 9.992% in the Lysol washing machine cleaner formula.

Citric acid is included in the formula to help remove unpleasant odors. It is present in the cleaner at 5.000%.

In addition to these four main active ingredients, the Lysol washing machine cleaner contains other ingredients which make up 81.297% of the total formula, helping to ensure the cleaning agents function correctly.

Is Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner Suitable for All Washing Machines?

Washing machines need habitual sanitizing and upkeep to keep them running optimally and make them more efficient.

But what several folks need to be made aware of is that only some washing machines necessitate the same type of cleaner.

Recently, Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner has been vastly preferred among persons looking for an effective and secure way to keep their washing machines clean, but is it suitable for all washing machines?

The solution to this inquiry is yes and no. Even though Lysol is usually secure to use in most washing machines, some models may have better options.

This is because some washing machines, including front-loaders and high-efficiency clothes washers, necessitate cleaners uniquely fashioned for their respective sanitization requirements.

Even though Lysol may be capable of clearing off certain surfaces, it won't be as active on the tougher stains that can assemble in these machines.

On the other hand, those with a regular top-loader washing machine may find Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner to be a reliable selection.

Lysol should be used every 30 days to prohibit the increase of slime, mildew, and mold, which can accumulate in any washing machine as time passes.

It does this by using a mix of enzymes, detergents, and anti-bacterial agents that team up to eradicate and take away any existing soil, grease, or other muck.

It is up to you, no matter which one you elect to employ. You can use some other specialized sanitizers and antiseptics to keep your machine functioning suitably and proficiently.

Whatever you determine to make use of, it is valuable to remember that regular cleaning and upkeep are necessary for extending the life of your washing machine.

Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner Pros and Cons


  1. Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  2. It sanitizes, deodorizes, and brightens.
  3. Safe and effective on fabric and other surfaces
  4. Easy to use and fast-acting
  5. Suitable for all washing machines


  1. Contains chemicals that may cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation
  2. It can be harmful if ingested or swallowed
  3. It may leave an unpleasant odor behind
  4. It can be expensive and hard to find in some areas.
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Wrapping Up

The Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner is a remarkable addition to any laundry routine, offering a range of benefits that contribute to cleaner, fresher, and more efficient washing machines.

Its innovative formula effectively tackles stubborn dirt, grime, and mold that accumulate over time, ensuring a hygienic environment for your clothes and helping to extend the lifespan of your machine.

While the Lysol Washing Machine Cleaner may have a slightly higher price point than some alternatives, its overall effectiveness makes it a worthwhile investment.

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