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Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine: Best Review

Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine
Written by Jules Whitman

If you have pets, then you understand the necessity of getting your clothes free of animal hair; that's where Maytag pet hair washing machine comes in.

It has to handle small and large amounts of pet hair without getting clogged and be durable enough to withstand frequent usage.

This machine uses a combination of cleaning technologies--intelligent sensors and an AutoLoad Technology that automatically detects the size of the load and uses it to adjust water and energy levels used in the cycle for maximum efficiency.

On top of that, a deep fill option lets you increase the amount of water to remove pet hair from the fabric thoroughly.

It's also one of the quietest pet hair-washing machines, making it ideal for washing large loads without making too much noise.

What's more, it is built to last. Its solid housing and strong motor can withstand regularly washing pet hair and other messes, standing the test of time.

The Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine is a top-notch cleaning solution for pet owners.

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Unboxing the Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine

The Maytag pet hair washing machine may be the perfect fit if you're searching for the ideal pet hair washing machine.

From its compact size to its advanced features, this pet hair washing machine is the perfect choice for pet owners looking for a powerful, dependable machine.

Upon unboxing, you'll discover two main components: the washing machine and the power cord.

Inside the box, besides the main components, you'll also find a hose, inlet valve, drain rod, and installation kit.

Ensure you have all the features in the box before beginning the installation process.

The installation begins by locating your washing machine's sturdy and level surface.

You'll then need to unpack your inlet valve and connect it to the cold water pipe using the provided screw.

Connect the hose from the inlet valve to the washing machine. The installation kit also includes the necessary hardware to mount the drain rod to the back of the device.

Ensure you use caution when handling the drain rod and use the hardware provided in the kit to mount it properly.

Once these steps are completed, you can plug in and power on your Maytag pet hair washing machine.

Setting the washing machine to the correct settings before placing your pet's belongings is essential.

Setting the temperature to warm help ensure your items are free of germs and dirt. Also, be sure to add the appropriate laundry detergent before you begin.

With all the steps while unboxing and installing the Maytag pet hair washing machine, you can now enjoy the convenience of washing your pet's items right at home.

The advanced features make it easy and efficient for pet owners to keep their belongings clean and germ-free.

And with the easy installation steps, you can get your new Maytag pet hair washing machine up and running in almost no time.

How Does the Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine Work?

The Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine is the consummate choice for removing pet hair.

To witness the might of this machine in action, turn it on and watch as it promptly scours away those intricate pet strands from wherever they might be.

This Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine has dual settings: the Normal and Heavy Duty Cycle.

With the Normal Cycle, the washer is apt for laundering a medium-sized pet-related load in as little as 60 minutes.

However, the Heavy Duty Cycle consumes around 90 minutes and is ideal for bigger payloads or objects requiring a more meticulous washing.

Adjusting the rate settings allows one to customize the amount of agitation and tumbling for the best results.

Moreover, the Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine comes with energy-efficient and user-friendly designs regularly.

This washer utilizes an average of 220 watts on the Normal cycle, while the Heavy Duty Cycle bumps it to 350 watts.

In addition, to ensure that the creature's fur and debris don't accumulate, its configuration enables it to use the correct quantity of water.

Besides its efficacy, the Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine is famous for its convenience.

Unlike other options in the market, it offers a fast and straightforward control panel that provides prompt access to all settings.

This makes it easier to select the required settings and start the wash in virtually no time.

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What You Should Look Out for in Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine

When it comes to cleaning pet hair, having a suitable washing machine is essential. Maytag produces quality pet hair washing machines that combine efficiency and function with ease of use.

Here are some key things to look out for when buying a Maytag pet hair-washing machine:

1. Power

Maytag pet hair washing machines have various power levels. Consider the power you need, as it may affect the machine's price, performance, size, and longevity.

2. Capacity

Make sure your machine can wash large loads of pet hair. If your device is too small, you may save time and energy trying to clean pet hair in multiple cycles.

3. Cycles

Check the types of cycles available on the machine. Many Maytag pet hair washing machines offer both quick and standard cycles along with additional cycles like sanitization.

4. Features

Pay attention to the features of the machine. Some of the most valuable features you should look out for include an auto-load sensing system, a steam cycle, an anti-wrinkle cycle, an energy-saving system, and a delay start cycle.

5. Warranty

Look for a washing machine with a good warranty for added peace of mind. This will ensure that your device is repaired or replaced in the event of a malfunction.

Key Features of the Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine

1. Advanced Allergen Removal System

Uses a combination of powerful filtration and agitation to capture and remove pet hair and other allergens more effectively.

2. Deep Clean Cycle

Automatically chooses the best wash cycle settings to efficiently and thoroughly wash pet hair and other debris.

3. PowerWash System

Utilizes a powerful agitator and a unique steam-generated technology for deep-down cleaning.

4. Pet Hair Filter

Captures pet hair and other debris before entering your laundry baskets and laundry room.

5. Sanitize Cycle

Kills 99.9% of common household germs and bacteria on fabrics.

6. Stain Cycle

Removes tough stains from pet hair and related messes.

7. Quick Wash Cycle

Ideal for everyday loads and pet hair removal.

8. Built-in Water Heater

Uses hot water for deep cleaning pet hair and other debris.

9. Delay Wash Cycle

This allows you to customize the time you want the machine to finish.

10. End-of-Cycle Signal

Alerts you when the cycle has finished.

Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine Pros and Cons


  • Pet-friendly cleaning cycle to remove pet hair from clothes.
  • Drum-free design helps clothes remain tangle-free and wrinkle-free.
  • Powerful motor and impeller combination allows for deep cleaning.
  • Quiet operation and energy-efficient operation.
  • Easy to use control panel.


  • It's expensive

Other Tools You Can Use to Remove Pet Machine From Your Laundry

If you can't get a hold of the Maytag pet hair washing machine, there are several alternatives to removing pet hairs from your clothes:

1. Reusable Pet Hair Remover Sponge for Washing Machine

2. Pet Hair Remover and Lint Catcher Floating Hair Filtering Mesh Bag for Washing Machine

3. Pet Hair Remover and Lint Cather Balls for Washing Machine 

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Wrapping Up

The Maytag Pet Hair Washing Machine is an excellent gadget that can help you keep your clothes and fabrics clean and free from pet hair, making it a highly recommended choice for pet owners.

While it may come at a higher price than other washing machines, its advanced technology and pet hair removal features make it a worthy investment for pet owners who want a reliable and efficient laundry solution.

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