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Ricemaster Rice Cooker: 4 Top 2023 Picks

Ricemaster Rice Cooker
Written by Jules Whitman

Ricemaster is a brand of rice cookers that has been in the market and is known for durability, efficiency, and performance.

It is a popular choice among households and commercial establishments due to its ability to cook rice quickly and evenly and its user-friendly features.

One key feature that sets the Ricemaster rice cooker apart from its competitors is its durability. The cooker is built to last and can withstand heavy use over an extended period.

While there are many benefits to using a Ricemaster rice cooker, it is important to note that there are also some potential drawbacks.

One of the main drawbacks is the price. Ricemaster rice cookers are generally more expensive than other brands, which may be a turn-off for some consumers.

This article will list our top recommendations for Ricemaster rice cookers

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Ricemaster Rice Cooker

Ricemaster Rice Cooker

Ricemaster is a renowned brand in making iconic kitchen appliances. Here is a review of some of the best rice master rice cookers:

1. Town 56816 Ricemaster Rice Cooker/Warmer Electric 10 Cup Capacity

Ricemaster Rice Cooker

The RiceMaster Rice Cooker/Warmer features a one-touch operation for easy cooking and automatic switching to a 'hold' mode once the rice is cooked.

It can cook rice in just 28 minutes, making it a great choice for quick meals. The removable cover makes it easy to clean and maintain.

It operates on 120 Volts, with a wattage of 660 and a frequency of 60Hz, and is suitable for household use only.

As a product manufactured by a premier Chinese food service industry supplier, the RiceMaster Rice Cooker/Warmer is designed to cook rice perfectly, making it a great choice for home kitchens and small restaurants.

The one-touch operation and automatic switching to 'hold' mode allow for easy cooking without constant supervision.

The removable cover makes cleaning a breeze, and the compact design ensures that it takes up minimal counter space.

However, with a capacity of only 10 cups, it may not be suitable for larger households or commercial kitchens.

Additionally, it is only suitable for household use, which may limit its versatility for some users.

Overall, the Town 56816 RiceMaster Rice Cooker/Warmer is a reliable and convenient appliance for those who want a quick and easy way to cook rice.

Key Features

  • Capacity: The rice cooker has a 10-cup capacity
  • Removable Bowl
  • One-Touch Operation
  • Auto Cook/Hold Feature
  • Fast Cooking Time: The RiceMaster Rice Cooker/Warmer can cook rice in just 28 minutes.
  • Power: The rice cooker is electric and has a wattage of 660 and a voltage of 120 volts.
  • Removable Cover


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to operate with one-touch auto cook/hold function
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning
  • Cooks rice quickly in just 28 minutes


  • Lack of additional features, such as different cooking settings for various types of rice

2. Town Rice Master Rice Cooker/Warmer 25 Cup Uncooked Rice Capacity

Town Rice Master Rice Cooker/Warmer 25 Cup Uncooked Rice Capacity

The Rice Master Rice Cooker/Warmer 25 cups have a one-touch operation feature, making it easy for anyone, regardless of their experience in cooking rice to use.

It also has an auto cook/hold feature, allowing the rice to be cooked and kept warm simultaneously without manual monitoring.

This rice cooker has a wattage of 1500 watts and requires a voltage of 230 volts to function.

It weighs 15 pounds, making it a relatively lightweight and easy-to-handle appliance.

The dimensions of the rice cooker are 12(h) x 14.75(w) x 14.75(d), making it a compact appliance that won't take up too much counter space.

The RiceMaster Rice Cooker/Warmer/Steamer can cook 25 cups of uncooked rice in just 44 minutes, making it a quick and efficient way to prepare a large amount of rice for a family or gathering.

It is also ETL and NSF certified, ensuring it meets the highest electrical safety and sanitation standards.

The one-touch operation feature makes it easy to use, even for those who have never cooked rice.

However, the lack of additional features may be a drawback for those who prefer more customization options in their rice cookers.

Also, the required voltage of 230 volts may not be compatible with all households, limiting the appliance's usability.

Key Features

  • 25-cup uncooked rice capacity
  • One-touch operation for easy cooking
  • Automatic cook and hold feature
  • It can be used as a warmer and steamer
  • Cooks rice for 44 minutes
  • 1500 watts of power
  • Auto Cook/Hold:
  • It operates at 230 volts
  • Weight: 15 pounds.


  • One-touch operation for easy and convenient use.
  • Auto cook/hold feature ensures that rice is cooked perfectly and kept warm until ready to serve.
  • It can also be used as a steamer for added versatility.


  • Requires a 230V power source, which may not be available in all locations.
  • Quite Expensive.
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3. Town Food Service 57137 37 Cup Rice

Town Food Service 57137 37 Cup Rice

The Town Food Service RiceMaster 37 cups Electronic Rice Cooker is a highly versatile appliance that can cook various rice types.

Its 37-cup capacity makes it perfect for restaurants or other commercial settings.

This rice cooker is made of durable stainless steel material and features a removable bowl, which makes cleaning a breeze.

One of the key features of this rice cooker is its ability to cook a variety of rice types. It can also be used with steamers, ideal for cooking vegetables, fish, and other foods.

The electronic cook and hold function is a convenient feature that helps maintain the rice's temperature after it has been cooked. This ensures that the rice stays fresh and hot until it is ready to be served.

In addition to its cooking capabilities, this rice cooker has a rice cup and paddle, which are essential for preparing rice.

The on/off touch switch with power indicator and auto-reset overheat protection provides additional safety and convenience features.

The dent-resistant 1/8" thick rice pot and stainless steel cover ensure that this rice cooker is built to last.

It also comes with a 14-gauge 3-wire electric power cord and is NSF Listed, which means it meets stringent public health and safety standards.

Overall, the Town Food Service RiceMaster Electronic Rice Cooker is a high-quality appliance that can cook various rice types and be used with steamers.

Its durable construction, removable bowl, and convenient features make it a great investment for any restaurant or commercial kitchen.

Key Features

  • 37-cup capacity (uncooked)
  • It can be used with steamers
  • Includes rice cup and paddle
  • Electronic cook and hold feature
  • On/off touch switch with power indicator
  • Auto reset overheat protection
  • Dent-resistant 1/8" thick rice pot
  • Stainless steel cover
  • 14 gauge 3 wire electric power cord
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty.


  • Large 37 cup capacity, perfect for commercial use
  • Can cook a variety of rice types
  • It can be used with steamers for added versatility
  • It comes with a rice cup and paddle for easy serving
  • Electronic cook and hold feature for convenience
  • Auto reset overheat protection for safety
  • Dent-resistant 1/8" thick rice pot for durability
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty


  • The heavy weight of 18.8 pounds may be difficult to move around
  • Requires a 120-volt power source, limiting its use in certain locations

4. Town Food Service RM-55P-R 55 Cup RiceMaster Propane Rice Cooker

Town Food Service RM-55P-R 55 Cup RiceMaster Propane Rice Cooker

The Town Food Service RM-55P-R 55 Cup RiceMaster Propane Rice Cooker is a commercial-grade cooking appliance designed for high-volume rice cooking.

This rice cooker has a large 55-cup capacity, making it perfect for restaurants and catering events.

It is powered by propane gas and features a push-start button for easy operation. Additionally, it has a cook-and-hold operation feature that allows you to keep your rice warm and ready to serve for extended periods.

The exterior of the cooker is made of cast aluminum and features steel drop handles for easy transportation.

The lid is made of stainless steel, ensuring the durability and longevity of the appliance.

The cooker also comes with a pressure regulator rear connection kit to ensure that it runs smoothly and safely.

Key Features

  • Capacity: This rice cooker has a 55-cup capacity
  • Propane Gas-powered
  • Cook and hold operation
  • Cast aluminum exterior and has steel drop handles
  • Pressure regulator rear connection kit


  • Large capacity of 55 cups, making it suitable for commercial use.
  • Gas-powered, making it more energy-efficient and potentially cost-saving compared to electric models.
  • Durable construction with a cast aluminum exterior and stainless steel lid, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance.
  • Push the start button and cook and hold operation for convenience and ease of use.


  • It may require extra precautions and ventilation when operating with propane gas.
  • It is quite expensive.
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Wrapping Up 

The Ricemaster rice cooker is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality rice cooker that is durable, efficient, and easy to use.

While it may be more expensive than other brands, its benefits in terms of performance, versatility, and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment.

Whether cooking rice for your family or a large commercial establishment, the Ricemaster rice cooker is a reliable and efficient choice to meet your needs.


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