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Samsung CE 2020 KANT-S2 UHD TV Smart TV: Review

Samsung CE 2020 KANT-S2 UHD TV Smart TV: Review
Written by Jules Whitman

Are you tired of watching your favorite TV shows and movies on a dull screen? Say hello to the Samsung CE 2020 Kant-S2 UHD TV Smart TV series.

These series are designed to elevate your onscreen experience to a whole new level.

With stunning imagery, it delivers several features that will make your jaw drop. You don't have to break the bank to get on one.

You can easily stream content from Netflix and Disney+, among others. Transform your living room into a mini-theater while you binge on your favorites.

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Samsung CE 2020 KANT-S2 UHD TV Smart TV BU8100 Crystal

The Samsung CE 2020 KANT-S2 UHD TV Smart TV is designed to elevate your viewing experience with innovative features that put you in control.

With Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), you can enjoy smooth gaming without motion blur and judder, thanks to its ability to optimize the screen and minimize input lag.

Say goodbye to disposable batteries and embrace a greener future with the SolarCell Remote, which features a solar panel on the back and a built-in microphone for voice assistant functions.

Experience clear picture quality with the Motion Xcelerator, which automatically estimates and compensates frames for the content source, delivering smooth motion and performance.

It is an AirSlim TV. It has a slim and impressive profile that merges flawlessly with the wall, a sight you have never seen before.

Discover your favorite content in one place with Samsung's new Smart Hub, which puts content curation and discovery at the forefront, so you can spend less time searching and more time streaming movies, shows, and other content you enjoy.

Choose your preferred voice assistant, Bixby or another, to enjoy an optimal home entertainment experience and advanced control.

Access an infinite pool of streaming content platforms at your fingertips, including popular options like Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV+, along with lesser-known sports, gaming, education, and lifestyle apps.

Work and learn from home easily using the Workspace feature that enables you to seamlessly access your PC, laptop, and mobile on your TV.

The adjustable stand lets you customize the height and space between your TV stand, allowing you to fit perfectly with your soundbar.


  • Screen size: 65 inch
  • Refresh rate: 50Hz
  • Active HDR
  • HLG: Yes
  • One billion color
  • Picture Engine: Crystal processor 4k
  • Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
  • HDMI: 3
  • USB: 2
  • Picture quality index: 2200
  • HDR10+ support
  • Contrast enhancer
  • UHD dimming
  • Motion Xcelerator
  • Noise reduction Ai
  • Adaptive sound
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wi-Fi direct: Yes
  • Auto game mode: yes
  • Ethernet: Yes
  • Anynet

Display Type & Size

Prepare yourself to see visuals like never before with Dynamic Crystal Color.

Featuring advanced phosphor technology, this UHD TV provides one billion distinct colors that are immaculately clear and precise. This gives you realistic details found in your favorite content.

With a screen size of 65 inches, a refresh rate 50Hz, and a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, the 4K Crystal Processor optimizes your content to ensure up to 4K resolution quality.

With Dynamic Crystal Color, you can bask in every color on the spectrum with outstanding clarity.

But that's not all. Contrast Enhancer analyzes parts of each image and makes changes to the contrast.

This technology makes each image appear natural and crystal clear, giving you a heightened perception of color and depth.

And when it comes to dark and light shades, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is here to help.

This feature increases the range of light levels on your TV, allowing you to enjoy an enormous spectrum of colors and all the visual details, even in the darkest scenes.

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The Samsung CE 2020 Kant-s2 UHD TV Smart TV has three HDMI ports and two USB ports connecting various devices such as gaming consoles, set-top boxes, or external hard drives.

It also has an Ethernet (LAN) port, which allows for a wired internet connection, and a digital audio out (optical) port for connecting to an external audio system.

In addition to these ports, the TV has an RF In (Terrestrial/Cable input/Satellite input) port for connecting to an antenna, cable, or satellite signal.

The TV supports HDMI A/Return Ch., which enables audio to be sent in both directions between the TV and a soundbar or other compatible audio devices.

Additionally, it supports eARC, which allows for high-quality audio to be sent from the TV to a soundbar or receiver through the HDMI 2 port.

The TV also features HDMI Quick Switch, which enables you to connect wireless audio devices such as headphones or speakers.

Finally, the TV supports Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC), which allows you to control compatible devices with a single remote control.


The TV has Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite) technology, which provides a 3D surround sound experience with virtual top channel audio to immerse you in the audio experience.

This technology helps track the screen's activities and direct the sound to match it, providing a more realistic and dynamic audio sound.

The TV and the soundbar are designed to work together seamlessly, with Q-Symphony technology enabling the TV and soundbar speakers to work together simultaneously to create better surround sound effects without muting the TV speakers.

Adaptive Sound technology fine-tunes the sound based on real-time scene analysis by content type.

It ensures the sound quality is optimized to match the scene, providing a more balanced and accurate audio sound.

For instance, if the content is a dialogue-heavy scene, the technology will enhance the dialogue for clarity for a better experience.

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Wrapping Up

The Samsung CE 2020 KANT-S2 UHD TV Smart TV offers an awesome viewing experience with advanced features.

Dynamic Crystal Color technology, a screen size of 65 ", a 50Hz refresh rate, and a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 delivers an unparalleled viewing experience that's hard to beat.

The Samsung Smart Hub makes finding and organizing your favorite content easier.

With the Workspace feature, you can easily work or study from home, and the SolarCell Remote helps create a more sustainable future.

The Samsung CE 2020 KANT-S2 UHD TV Smart TV is an ideal choice for anyone looking for superior viewing quality.


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