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Where to Buy Garlic Chives

Where to Buy Garlic Chives
Written by Jules Whitman

Ever wondered where to buy garlic chives, well so does a lot of people!

Garlic chives are a multipurpose herb that can boost the taste of your dishes with its unique flavor. 

They are a major ingredient in many Asian and European dishes. They also serve various purposes in your meal when cooking with them. 

Whether as an expert chef or a home keeper, garlic chives are a major ingredient to consider in your kitchen.

However, searching for fresh garlic chives can be quite stressful. This happens in cases where you need help figuring out where to look. 

You may have already searched your local grocery stores or supermarkets, but the quality of the garlic chives may only sometimes be up to par. 

So, where can you find fresh garlic chives that are not stale or discolored? 

In this article, we will offer you a comprehensive guide on where to buy garlic chives. 

We will talk about several places you can consider. Most such places are farmers' markets, supermarkets, and others.

At the end of this article, you will know where to buy fresh garlic chives. You will also have an insight into things to look out for when buying garlic chives.

With this article, you can now be sure that your garlic chives are high quality.

So, let's get started!

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Where to Buy Garlic Chives 

As earlier said, finding the best garlic chives can be a challenging task. It is more difficult when you still determine where to get fresh ones.

These are the top places to check for your garlic chives.

1. Local Farmers’ Markets

One of the most advisable places to buy fresh garlic chives is at a farmers' market in your local residence.

These markets specialize in varieties of local farm produce, including high-quality herbs. 

When buying garlic chives, look for fresh, bright green chives that are not stale.

2. Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Another place to find garlic chives is a grocery store or supermarket. 

They are mostly in the farm produce section. You can find them in a bunch or a special container. 

Ensure to check the expiration date of the product you are buying. Also, look for signs of discoloration or decay.

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3. Online Retail Stores

Online stores are the next available and convenient option to get garlic chives.

This can be an option to fall back on if you cannot find garlic chives in the supermarket or farmers' market.

Most of these online stores get their chives from local farmers. The chives are mostly fresh.

Make sure to read reviews online and check the delivery and return policies of the store.

4. Specialty Food Stores

Specialty food stores, such as healthy food stores and Asian stores, often deal in various herbs and spices. 

These stores often sell other hard-to-find ingredients like lemongrass. 

Ask for recommendations and guides when buying garlic chives at a specialty food store.

Uses of Garlic Chives 

Here are some common uses of garlic chives in cooking:

  • Serves as ingredients in some Asian stir-fries
  • Often used as ingredients for stews and soups
  • Components of a vegetarian salad
  • Serves as dips and spreads for food like crackers and chips
  • Often used in garnishing some dishes

Tips for Buying Garlic Chives

No matter where you buy your garlic chives, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best quality product:

  • Settle for garlic chives that are green in color with a sweet texture. Do not buy any chives that are yellowish or stale.
  • Go for garlic chives with a soft garlic scent. Garlic chives with a pungent smell are primarily old and stale.
  • Look for chives that have firm leaves without discoloration and holes.
  • The texture of high-quality chives is usually crunchy.
  • Make sure you are getting fresh chives from an excellent source. It is advisable to buy from farmers' markets or specialty stores.
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Wrapping Up  

Garlic chives are a tasty and nutritious herb that can add savory flavor to a dish.

Whether you are making soups, stews, or salads, garlic chives can enhance the meal with a subtle flavor.

Adding chives to your cooking can create a distinct flavor for your meals. You can also enjoy the many health benefits that garlic chives offer. 

So why not try adding garlic chives to your next meal to see the flavor they add to your food?

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