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Where to Buy Pork Fat

Where to Buy Pork Fat
Written by Jules Whitman

Are you looking for a reliable source of pork fat for your cooking needs? Look no further than this guide on where to buy pork fat. 

Pork fat is a rare but versatile food ingredient that adds texture and flavor to several meals. However, finding a good source of pork fat can take a lot of work.

Several options are available to get high-quality pork fat, whether online or in stores. 

You can mostly find pork belly or other pork parts with enough fat in shops of local butchers or farmers.

On the other hand, you can get good pork fats from an online butcher. You must buy from a butcher that sells pork belly.

We will discuss these options in more detail. This guide will help you find the best pork fat for you and also help you make good purchasing decisions.

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Where to Buy Pork Fat

Pork fat is a perfect ingredient, providing dishes with savory flavors. Finding the ideal pork fat with high quality can be so difficult.

Here is a list of places to buy pork fat from:

1. Local Butcher Shops

Your local butcher shop is one of the most reliable places to get pork fat. 

Butcher shops usually sell several meat parts, including the belly of pork. Belly fat is an excellent source of pork fat. 

With an agreed amount, your butcher will be willing to give you the quantity of pork belly you need. 

Your butcher can also dice the pork fat into minimal sizes at your request.

2. Farmers’ Markets

Farmers' markets are also ideal places to get high-quality pork fat at a reasonable price. 

At farmers' markets, there is a huge possibility that you will see a farmer with good pork fats. 

Buying from the farmers' markets is very advisable because you have an assurance that you are buying fresh pork fat. 

2. Online Stores

Try it online if you have difficulty finding good pork fat in your locality. Many online butchers deal in pork belly and other parts of pork that contain sufficient fat.

Also, online stores like Amazon, Instacart, Bp Farms, HG walter, etc all sell pork fat. However, it is essential to check for reviews from customers before buying. 

Where to Buy Pork Fat
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Where to buy pork fat
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3. Supermarkets

Most supermarkets sell pork. The pork is usually in the meat section, and you can find pork fat there, also.

However, the availability of pork fat in supermarkets depends on some factors. Due to this, you may not see pork meat or fat every time you visit. 

In cases where you do not see the pork meat, you can ask the butcher or the customer service. 

Also, ensure that the pork you buy is of high quality and very fresh.

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4. Specialty Stores

Lastly, you can search for pork fats in specialty stores that deal in meats. 

These stores usually have meat parts in stock, including pork belly. Pork belly is an excellent source of pork fat. 

Note that specialty stores often charge higher for their goods. So, if you are settling for them, you should be ready to pay more, unlike other options.

Uses of Pork Fat

Pork fat or lard is a food ingredient that many have used to cook for years. 

Apart from cooking, do you know the other amazing uses of pork fat? Let us see some of them now.

Here are some of the most common uses of pork fat:

  • Frying of foods like chicken and potatoes.
  • Baking, as it adds flavors to pastries and other baked meals.
  • Serves as seasoning in soups, stews, and vegetables.
  • Pork Fat can be used in making confectioneries like chocolate.
  • Due to its oleic acid content, pork fat can be a good skincare product.

Tips to Get High-Quality Pork Fat

Getting high-quality pork fat is the ideal wish of every buyer. However, there are noticeable features to look out for in good pork fat.

1. Freshness

Good pork fat must be fresh, odorless, and not discolored. It should have a pleasing and mild aroma and a light color.

2. Marbling

Marbling  refers to visible fat specks and streaks in a cross section that looks like marbles. 

Pork fat with enough marbling has a good flavor, unlike slimmer meat parts. Search for pork fat with an obvious marbling, meaning it is from an adequately raised pig.

3. Texture

A good and ideal pork fat should have a firm texture and, at the same time, a soft texture. The soft texture is so that cutting the meat can be easy.

5. Processing

It is essential to look for pork fat from pork that went through minimal processing.

This is mostly possible when you buy the pork fat from local shops that make their own lard.

However, pork fat went through less processing are snowy white in color and has less intense smell.

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Wrapping Up

Finding the best source of high-quality pork fat is crucial. This is because you get pork fats to make savory dishes.

As an online or onsite shopper, there are several places to buy ideal pork fats.

Whichever is your preferred option, it is good to do your research. Also, look for a trustworthy supplier to ensure the quality and freshness of your pork fat.

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