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Where To Buy Sod Near Me? [4 Best Places]

Where To Buy Sod Near Me
Written by Jules Whitman

Sod is a convenient solution that allows you to have an instant lawn without waiting for the grass to grow. But, "where to buy sod near me?"

It's often used where landscaping, such as golf courses, sports stadiums, schools, and businesses, needs to be completed quickly.

Homeowners can also choose to install sod for the same reasons - to have a beautiful green lawn quickly.

This article will tell you where to buy good sod and how to save money.

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Where to Buy Sod Near Me?

Where To Buy Sod Near Me

Below listed are the best places to buy sod near you.

1. Online Sod Farms

If you're wondering where to buy sod near you, search for local sod farms online.

Sod farms specialize in growing and selling sod. They typically offer a wide range of grass varieties and can provide large quantities of sod for landscaping projects.

Several online retailers offer sod for sale and deliver it directly to your location. You can search for sod suppliers in your area or look for national suppliers that ship sod nationwide.

2. Local Nurseries and Garden Centers

Many nurseries and garden centers sell sod. They often carry a variety of grass types suitable for different climates and regions.

3. Home Improvement Stores

Large home improvements chains like Home Depot and Lowe's usually have sod available. They often have a garden section where you can find different types of sod.

4. Landscaping Companies

Some landscaping companies also sell sod as part of their services. They may provide installation along with the purchase of sod.

How to Save Money on Sod Purchases

There are various ways to save money on sod purchases. 

1. Buy From Sod Farms

Ordering from sod farms can also help you save money, as buying directly from these farms is often cheaper.

Finding a sod farm in your area that can quickly cut, load, and deliver fresh and high-quality sod is crucial.

2. Compare Prices

Comparing the online sod prices with local prices can also help you determine whether buying online is more cost-effective.

It's recommended to get online quotes before visiting a garden center. 

If the local price is higher, informing them of the online quote might prompt them to match it. 

3. Avoid Delivery Fees

Another way to save money is by picking up the sod if you can access a vehicle to transport it to your home.

This can help you avoid the delivery fee and cut down on expenses. However, it's essential to consider the convenience of having the sod delivered against the cost-saving benefits of picking it up yourself.

4. DIY installation

Although installing sod requires much physical work, doing it yourself can significantly reduce the installation cost.

Before deciding to install the sod yourself, research to understand what the process involves and determine whether it's something you can do.

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How To Install Sod Yourself

Where To Buy Sod Near Me

If you want to save money on the cost of a new sod lawn, you can install it yourself. Although the process is simple, it requires physical labor and planning beforehand. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you prepare the soil for sod and lay the new lawn properly.

Step 1: Select the Right Sod

It is vital to select sod with the same grass species as your existing lawn, or at least choose one that will blend well with your grass.

If you have a new property without grass, you have more options. Also, it's important to consider your soil type - some grass species grow better in sandy soil, while others are more suitable for heavy clay soil. 

If you need clarification on your grass species, find out what grows in your region and how much sun your grass typically gets.

In addition, consider the amount of sun or shade your lawn will receive and your region's climate. 

Different grass species have different preferences for sunlight and traffic. Therefore choosing a species that can handle the amount of sun and foot traffic your lawn will receive is significant. 

Step 2: Prepare the Soil

Before installing sod, prepare the soil properly. Preparing the soil before your sod supplier delivers the grass rolls is best.

You should perform a soil test to determine your soil's pH levels and vital nutrients. 

This information will allow you to mix fertilizers or other additives into your topsoil to meet the needs of your new sod lawn.

To prepare your soil for installation, till the soil, remove debris, level the soil, eliminate weeds, and fertilize. 

Step 3: Installation

It's crucial to install your sod within a day of arrival for the best results, and if there is any delay, make sure to store the sod in a shed or garage with lots of shade and keep it moist.

You can make the installation process easier for larger yards by laying out pallets or piles of sod around the yard.

To install the sod, you'll need a few tools, such as a rake, tiller, lawn roller, and irrigation systems.

Then, you should do the following

  • Use a rake to loosen the soil by about half an inch.
  • Moisten the soil and lay the sod pieces in a corner or along an edge.
  • Stagger the seams of the sod pieces in each new row.
  • On hills or curves, lay the sod across the slope and fill in any gaps with the soil.
  • Use a lawn roller to pack the sod and establish contact between the roots and the soil.

How to Maintain Your Sod Lawn 

After installing your new sod lawn and rolling it to establish root contact, knowing what to do next is essential to ensure proper growth and maintenance. 


Watering the new sod right after rolling it down is recommended, being careful not to saturate the soil.

This is especially important for the first few days while the roots are in the soil. Once the sod has rooted, you can gradually reduce watering regularly.


After about two weeks, the sod should have established firm roots, and you can begin regular mowing. 

However, be careful not to cut more than one-third off the top of the blades of grass. 

Reduce Traffic

Keep pets, kids, and other foot traffic off your newly sodded lawn for at least three weeks to allow the roots to establish correctly. 

Minimizing traffic will help avoid losing patches of sod because the roots were torn out of the ground. 

Following these aftercare tips can ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn for years.

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Wrapping Up 

Nurseries, home improvement stores, and online retailers sell sod. You can also check with local landscapers or lawn care companies to see if they sell or install sod.

Once you've purchased your sod, it's essential to properly care for it to ensure it takes root and grows healthy and strong.

One crucial aspect of sod care is watering your new lawn. In addition to watering, avoiding excessive foot traffic on your new sod lawn for the first few weeks is essential. 

This will allow the roots to take hold without being disturbed or torn out of the ground.

With proper care and attention, your new sod lawn will flourish and provide a beautiful and enjoyable space for years.


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