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Where to Buy Raclette Cheese

Where to Buy Raclette Cheese
Written by Jules Whitman

Raclette cheese is a tasty semi-hard cheese. The raclette cheese is from Switzerland and is now a favorite cheese option for cheese lovers.

This multipurpose cheese serves a lot of purposes. It is also a vital ingredient in raclette - a tasty traditional Swiss meal. 

Keep reading if you love this tasty cheese and are curious about where to buy raclette cheese. 

In this article, we will talk about the best available places where you can buy raclette cheese.

Also, we will provide you with the benefits of raclette cheese, meals you can make with it, and many more.

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Where to Buy Raclette Cheese 

Searching for the best and ideal raclette cheese can be an overwhelming task. It can make you move from store to store just looking for cheese.

This list has reputable places where you can buy high-quality raclette cheese. Here are the places you can see raclette cheese:

1. Local Specialty Food Shops

The first place to look for quality raclette cheese is a specialty food shop in your locality. 

These specialty stores usually deal in cheese and also with other varieties of food options. 

Some stores even sell traditional raclette cheese from Switzerland. 

2. Online Retailers

Another suitable option for buying high-quality raclette cheese is from online stores like Amazon. 

You can find varieties of cheese in an online retail store. They also have the traditional Swiss raclette cheese.

Online shopping is most convenient for people who cannot go to a specialty shop. It is also another suitable option for people who have a specialty store in their locality. 

However, it is advisable to read reviews of customers before making a purchase. Make sure you are buying from a reliable and trustworthy retailer.

Swiss Raclette Quarter Wheel (2.5 Pounds)
Mifroma Raclette Slices, 7oz.

3. Farmers’ Markets

Farmers' markets are another ideal option for buying raclette cheese of good quality. 

Many farmers' markets sell traditional cheese of many varieties. There is a possibility you can find raclette cheese.

Additionally, buying from a farmers' market helps boost the local economy and support farmers.

4. Grocery Stores

At some grocery stores, you can find various kinds of cheese, including raclette cheese. 

However, it might be a limited variety and will have lower quality. This is because grocery stores sell processed cheese, unlike specialty stores or farmers' markets.

If you want to buy cheese from a grocery store, carefully read the product label and expiration date.

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5. Cheese Factories

If you can, visit a reputable cheese factory to get a good raclette cheese. 

Visiting a cheese factory is an excellent option for buying standard raclette cheese.

In a cheese factory, you can test the cheese before buying. This is good because it builds trust in product quality.

Additionally, buying directly from the cheese factory is advisable. It ensures that the cheese is fresh and of high quality.

Health Benefits of Raclette Cheese

Raclette cheese has been a primary ingredient in Swiss dishes for many years. 

Aside from its tasty flavor, it also has enough nutritional value. They include the following:

  • High protein content
  • Rich in Calcium
  • It contains sufficient Vitamin A for healthy vision, immune system, and healthy skin
  • It provides a high amount of energy 
  • Increases the function of a human's brain 

Uses of Raclette Cheese

Here are some of the uses of Raclette Cheese:

  • It can be melted over potatoes
  • Raclette cheese can be served with charcuterie
  • It can also be added to sandwiches and burgers
  • Pizza toppings 
  • Part of an omelet or frittata mixture 
  • It can be eaten as food without any addition or topping
  • Ingredients for macaroni and spaghettis 
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Wrapping Up

You have plenty of options if you are looking for where to buy raclette cheese. 

Whether as a lover of online or local shopping, there are great places to buy highly nutritious cheese. 

Local specialty food shops and farmers' markets offer an outstanding shopping experience. They also give customers a chance to select various types of raclette cheese. 

Reputable cheese factories and reliable online stores also offer a convenient experience to customers. 

No matter where you buy your raclette cheese, excellent cuisine is certain. The multipurpose raclette cheese adds flavor to your meal, making a party or gathering enjoyable. 

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