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Sailor Moon Rice Cooker: The Best Review and Where to Buy

Sailor Moon Rice Cooker: Retail Price, Where to Buy, Features
Written by Jules Whitman

 The Sailor Moon rice cooker is stylish and sure to capture anime lovers' attention because of its colorful design. 

It is a product of a brand between Zojirushi and the anime series Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon rice cookers share similar features with other available rice cookers.

However, the colorful and anime-inspired design of the cooker's outer look sets it apart from other brands.

We will review this rice cooker, how it works, and where to buy it.

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Sailor Moon Rice Cooker: Review  

The Sailor Moon Rice Cooker is a unique collaboration between two reputable Japanese brands: Sailor Moon and Zojirushi. 

Zojirushi Corporation is a Japanese company that produces standard kitchen and home appliances. 

These appliances include vacuum flasks, cutleries, water bottles, rice cookers, water heaters, etc. 

The company came into existence in 1918 and boasts vast experience producing kitchen appliances. 

On the other hand, Sailor Moon is a popular anime series by Naoko Takeuchi. The series kicked off in 1981.

The series tells the adventurous story of a teenage girl – Usagi Tsukino, who transforms into Sailor Moon, a warrior. 

In the movie, Sailor Moon battles evil forces and protects the world from danger. 

In 2020, Zojirushi collaborated with the owners of Sailor Moon. The two brands formed a team to create a stunning rice cooker to celebrate the Sailor Moon anime series.

The Sailor Moon Rice Cooker features a colorful design from the Sailor Moon series. 

The design includes images of the series' main character and even the crescent moon in the movie. 

The rice cooker launched in the Japanese market in 2020. Within a few months, it became a worldwide kitchen appliance.

Zojirushi's experience in kitchen appliance production in collaboration with the Sailor Moon series is fruitful. 

The collaboration produced a stylish, modern, and high-quality rice cooker.

Apart from its unique functions, it serves as a collectible for lovers of anime series. 

Physical Features of the Rice Cooker 

The Sailor Moon Rice Cooker is quite a beautiful kitchen appliance. Designs on the cooker's body showcase characters from the anime series.

The outstanding feature of this rice cooker makes a statement. The features stand out from a few other rice cookers in the market.

Here are some of the physical features:

  • Colorful, stylish, and modern design
  • Lightweight size
  • Temperature control settings
  • Non-stick inner pot
  • Removable inner lid
  • A retractable power cord 
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Special Functions

The amazing Sailor Moon rice cooker is due to the collaboration involving Zojirushi's expertise and Sailor Moon's series. 

Here are some of the special functions of the Sailor Moon Rice Cooker:

  • Multiple cooking options
  • Steamer
  • Keep-warm option

Retail Price and Where to Buy Sailor Moon Rice Cooker 

The price of the Sailor Moon rice cooker depends on various factors. Some of these factors are the availability of the appliance, retailer, or buyer's location.

The average retail price of the Sailor Moon rice cooker is about $49 to $60. 

Note that there are high tendencies the price of the rice cooker may change over time.

The price change can be due to a few factors, like a price increase from the producer's desk.

There are several available platforms to buy the Sailor Moon rice cooker from, and they are reliable. 

You can get the rice cooker from Gamestop, which is usually available. The rice cooker is also available on reliable online retailers like Amazon, eBay, or other platforms that sell Japanese products. 

However, it's difficult to find this cooker as few are in circulation. A similar brand is the Naruto Shippuden Rice Cooker.

Naruto Shippuden Ichiraku Ramen Automatic Rice and Ramen Cooker
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Wrapping Up

The Sailor Moon rice cooker is a must-have appliance for lovers of the series and cooking enthusiasts. 

It is colorful, vibrant, and stylish, making cooking exciting. Anime lovers can also get the rice cooker as a collectible item that will stun many. 

Except for sentiment, there are better rice cookers than sailor moon. Additionally, the cooker's price is high for such a small appliance.

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